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What's Up

What's up everyone, my name is poetic_diva a.k.a. BrownsugarDiva, I'm new to the site, I reside in North Carolina, so I'm showing you some luv Honeybrown05. I am an Senior in College and I'm loving it. I'm the Sectary for my service frat (Alpha Phi Omega), Co-Presidet of the Religious Life Program at school, Co-Chair of HIV/AIDS for the Peer Educators, and a list of other things. I sing in the Young Adult Choir at my church. I love Poetry like Honeybrown05 I've been writing poetry since I was about 15yrs old, and I have loved it every since then. Poetry is the one true way for me to express myself totally and completely, and it's also an hobby. I can't imagine my life without poetry, and I will be a poet until the day I die. So far I like this site, it seems very friendly. I'm also an Libra my b-day is OCT 18. Much love and God Bless :spin:

Hey!! My name is MrBlak (aka BlakSheep for those that know me on other sites).

I am a young bro who grew up in Ontario but is a Montreal resident now. I would love to stay in this city, but I aint french speaking and not good with learning languages. So I will move to Toronto next year when I am finally done with University (I've done 6 years at 2 schools already :censored: )

I am trying to get my social life in order.......for the last 8 years now. The internet has been good to me in that way. I hope to meet many good people on destee. I already have come across some. :toast:

I like to deal with issues of relationships and the family (parenting) situation in the community. I see too many problems that aint being solved simply becsause people dont like the solutions required or dont like to admit that their way is wrong. I am outspoken on many issues and this has sent me into serious battles sometimes with over 10 people at once. We will have to see if this place is actually different than that becuase alot of black websites aint nuthing but a popularity contest.

Hey Y'all.

My name is Nia. Wife, mother of 2. Born in Georgia. -I am very country! Have lived most of my life in Virginia. My hat now rests in Ohio. I am ex-military and a military spouse. I am always on the move. I LOVE to travel. When I die...they are going to have to bury me in my car, tank full of gas...leave it runnin' too!....have me sittin' behind the wheel head slumped over the steering wheel. -Cause I plan on traveling all over heaven. And that flag they put on soldier's casket?...they can just throw mine 'cross the hood! I have been a lot of cool places, met a lot of great people. Last stop was Myrtle Beach, SC then to Manhattan, NY. In my everyday life I am mostly as quiet as a mouse one who sits back and observe. I'm only talkative on here. I like to make people laugh. and I write poetry, too. ah-iight then!
Where Do I start??????

What's up family this is your Brother "Caramelpython" or for my Chat Room peeps just "Python".
I'm in Baltimore Md but I was born and raised in Philly Pa "Home Of The Cheesesteaks" and some of the all time R&B Greats!
I am a writer of many different types of work but as most of you know or will find out I love the "Spicy stuff".

I was introduced to this place by your beloved MBA, Even though it took me forever to finally accept the invitation ( sorry about that ). I am a US Postal worker and If you get me wrong yeah I will go Postal on you! (LOL)

My take on life is this: Life is like a pond of water no matter how many times u skip a rock across it U wull never get the same result so do it right the first time because you can never go back to the same thing.

I have lived in Texas (H-town), Virginia (Monroe Va baby), DC (naw I aint a Go Go Head) and have traveled out of this country a few times! Bahammas, Mexico, canada and China. I believe life is a situation and wr are all in one.

My name is my poetic flame and describes my style, If you going to do somthing do it Big and this Python walks that way.
Well Im out holla at ya boy!


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