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I am MzBlkAngel a.k.a Angel or MBA. From Ohio, well that’s where I live. Anyway….
I am a mother of 3, a retired youth correctional officer/business owner that is back in school. I have been writing since I was 10 years old, poetry and short stories. I love word play. So i guess i was born a poet. I do have some favorite poets and pieces I love to read. Along, with my favorite poets here on

I love it here at!!! It seems as if I been here forever. Thank you my sister/momma Destee for your vision, in creating a place, where I can share embrace and learn. I am so enjoying myself with my new family, and cant wait to meet more and welcome more. Thank you Brother Rich for showing me my way home.

Hello Family!
My name is Gregory but please call me either Greggy or Greg. I reside in B-more, MD and am married with two grown children and two actin' like they grown granchildren. I'm an artist by birth, by heart, and by spirit. I joined Destee in order to enrich and expand my creative universe, what a wonderful family to be part of. I really enjoy the atmosphere here....greggy
I would like to introduce myself.........

Hey everyone I am HoneyBrown b.k.a Jacke'e (JACK-KAY) and I live in North Carolina. I had started writting poetry when I was 14 yrs because it was the best way for me to look deep down inside myself and come out and express myself. Poetry is one of my therapies and I love it. I am grateful that I had found a place like this to share my heart with other poets, b/c so far from what I can see, you all have an understanding and show a lot of love.
* My bornday is on August 15th just to let ya'll know!!! :thanks:
Hello I'm HODEE ( lonewolf, singlerunner - without a pack, never needed a reason and I ain't never going back. )

Watch out I can bite. My name is a combination of my first and last name.

Native Missourian, now living over twenty years in California.

Addicted to Nyquil, and if you want to make me smile. Play some Chaka Khan.
( Basically I'm crazy family, undiagnosed, but I know the truth. ) keep this on the down

I love this forum. Its therapeutic for me. I'm in denial that I'm a hopeless romantic. I'm intrigued by just a sun rise. I watch and locate the moon everynight. I also look constantly at the stars. I enjoy running water, small creeks and brooks. Fascinated by the power of the ocean, and the wind whispers. I walk in the rain. I post for me. Just to get it off my chest. Cause it is here. Just because. I enjoy the :grouphug: that happens here.

I found it thru a old member, she is something.. so :cool: I miss her.
( I believe she bite someone and needed to be put a way - its called banned. )
( So rule #1 retract your teeth, and don't bite anyone )
She to me was A positive strong sister, that probably is as much a rebel lone wolf in female form as I am in male form. Wow.. She was Fine Too..
We picture shared, very sweet heart. Just don't push a Wolf.. In any Form !

:spinstar: Howling @ the :heart: :spinstar:

I really enjoy this form, and from the first day I knew it has and will be going big places. Our next president may be elected from a member.
( Are you ready $$RICH$$ )

:new: news.. ( right ) Well I don't like talking much about myself. Some may disagree with this,
( they can be counted on one hand ) but if You catch me doing so enjoy it, cause it wont happen often and when you expect it.

I like talking about many things.

Cause there are many things to talk about.

I'm hard to entertain
, and unless you bringing up some deep subject matter, political matter, something REAL..

I 'll bore you with topics that maybe you don't want to hear or I'm turning over tables in the bar.

Don't insult me or :argue: with me..
I let all live and let live, :nono: don't get me off on a tangent. :thanks: Cause I :fight: back, get :weird:

I'm going to get professional treatment when I can afford at least ten years of therapy. Otherwise.. I'll just pour another Jack Daniels

I'm often told by others I jump from subject to subject, :uhoh: but in jest.. who dey tink they are...don't make me bite.
Show me luv, and watch ya self get ten fold. :uzi: As TUPAC said.. just let me live.

I'm family. Destee you have to bail me out of jail.. I was :fight:ing again ...
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Wazzup Wazzup Wazzuuuuuup

Hello everyone my name is Brittany better known as SensualReality......a young lady in a crazy world with a civil mindset and positive goals.I am a junior in highschool with plans of being a pediatrician and writer.I'm the youth Vice President at my church and a certified member of The National Honor Roll Society GYEAH!:lol:
I have been writing since the age of 10 and since then have not been able to put my pen down.Destee is my second family all of you mean so much to me and I thank you for the encouragment and support...I know I'm young and the world doesn't give me a chance to speak my mind...Thank God for this site,because now I see no need to frown or keep my thoughts to myself:wave:


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