Black Poetry : Care and Try bring love about wear bling in the club no doubt learned to draw and sing this Hip Hop is a raw thing my flow got them hooked and girls m


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May 11, 2006
Care and Try bring love about
wear bling in the club no doubt
learned to draw and sing
this Hip Hop is a raw thing
my flow got them hooked
and girls must sew and cook
try do good work
from the hood and alert
in a circus hooked on rhyme
wow my purpose took time
rap to a girl then go out
to eat with a true sweet
her lips are red like heat
body so equip for bed sheets
so on the cell phone I negotiated
To find out where her home located
she's a PUERTO RICIAN chick
her body is freaking thick
she gonna be speaking quick
bet its a wet thrill in every shower
never cower like military powers
her breasts merry as twin towers
she in a min-skirt bra and wet panties
I'll go berserk if I get her candies
mornings wash behind my ears
then squash the minds of blind peers
my brains on fire and spin
just to attain a desired end
succeed in reaching folks
need to be teaching these quotes
by shoving them down MC'S throats
so boo you could vanish in Spanish
kiss my lips and be outlandish”
“NAW PLAYER oh my lace in flames
and I place the blame
on love talk from boys my name
is Susie May a southern girl
I have cake and romance
but better not take a chance
one boy attempt as a wimp to try and get some
didn't let him have none
I strive to achieve with lace
survived as he squeezed my waist”
“AW GIRL please give me a taste
We're in ALDI in Virginia beach store
she's wearing a mini-skirt I adore
with bra and panties boys galore”
Her body hot and shook today
this boy has a whip that looks gray
rolling down Kempsville road
with chrome skirts having a load
of fun this can only be a love code
he also have a minivan and plenty
plans for my body, “ so boo any-
thing you need let me know”
“hard to proceed wet doe
look I got a cream puff
and it make me dream stuff
boys come extreme up to snuff
with love words I've had enough
she try escape but they want cake
she could be a legit secretary great
and literary an artistic production
causing a ballistic corruption
think he want a fiancé with a halo
and when a boy try she say no
she's fine and wet
and have the mind set
of a Diva with Saturday Night Fever
she's an equalizer like Queen Lativa
her spirit in lyrics are amazing words
blazing and absurd and like birds
fly with wings and boys try anything
to get some, one boy wearing plenty bling


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May 11, 2006
She's fine and wet
with the mind set
of a queen she get
extreme love talk from boys
her pride is true
and she get a wide view
of the town she hide due
to boys chase, from a freaky town
and boys sneaky around
she have to duck her head
or end up stuck in bed
she desire to flirt
but that's fireworks
to boys it require twerks
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