Black Poetry : Can't proceed in sorrow need to win tomorrow girl my shirt off and you flirt soft alert I can toss w


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May 11, 2006
Can't proceed in sorrow need to win tomorrow girl my shirt off
and you flirt soft alert I can toss words in your ear and verbs boss
that you can't hear can paint you a dear picture nothing I'm lying
about I'm crying out for a kiss, should I say more I stay here trying
to adore your body boo, now this is BLACK HIP HOP in VIRGINIA BEACH
so girl I'm in the hood shook with a good book these cats should look and reach
for the pages its been on VIRGINIA BEACH for ages walk around and teach
in the street with corrupt fate and crap try keep up-to-date rap for my speech
rare rentals was bare essentials to spend the night and begin to write an essay
SHE SAID: NAW PLAYER I'm a KOREAN CHICK and my dress is down and my breasts
yellow and round with boys have negotiations on location leave notations best
in love letters these are feudal days and I'm at a crucial stage success or failure
a mini-dress is paraphernalia, rhymes digital and bold and play pivotal role nail ya
with knowledge, now I eat kim pop, and bulgoggi I'm a hot chick with candy
and keep my chopsticks handy drop thick verse and its strong like brandy
may get drunk off the funk but today beware of the slam dunk it's dandy
getting wisdom to the brain is a system that's well maintain so boys aim
to brainwash oh a KOREAN GIRL go through a lot in VIRGINIA BEACH and tame
boys,” HE SAID: OK look boo I trust my vocab it's a must have as the dust grab
my shoe boo you and me perfect and its worth it “Lets Stay Together” a tab
bit like ALGREEN, comes to rhymes I strongly master only after I've gained
respect a plain deck of cards could tell a story that's mandatory to remain
untouched oh a KOREAN GIRL panties get hot a lot leave wet spot on the silk
portion, romances are devastation, circumstances and regulations are built
in and kilt the wind of destruction, my quotes got class and a remote past
I tote brass just to shine stuff at times had enough and find it rough mask
off, wanna squeeze your waist nice but the pace of life may not put me there
so I write frequent rhymes for these recent times drink decent wine where
is the BOONESFARM? So boo let me smash and dash you got them sweaty
yellow oriental thighs” “NAW PLAYER “my lace and butter sway have to face
the other way, have power in town love tower all around one boy chase
me in the shower to get down I say nope and grab the soap he jest kissed
my wet lips right there oh gosh the lips on my thing was hot jest reminisce
as my breast became twin towers poking in his face oh how will I escape
this? You wanna squeeze my candies and seize my panties and throw my cake
and hips in bed while my lips are red and jest go crazy on it doggone it this make
for a relationship especially when a boy get some tongue I be so strung out
my flow fun and renown no one around so you can fun downtown no doubt
gonna be moving my thing and probably scream and cream oh KOREAN GIRLS
go through a lot in VIRGINIA BEACH

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