Black Short Stories : cant leave you part 3

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    "Candice the girl that work wit me,"I answered when we got in the car.Candice is 22 and stays in an apartment with her two boys and roomate.When we pulled up to the apartment I noticed her two boys Devon and Trey playing in the little yard they had.Someone called my name as I was getting out of the car."Tamitha,Tamitha,"the voice was deep and smooth sounded familiar,but I couldn't tell.Then outta no where came Greg's brother Eric."What you doin ova here girl?"He asked standing by a black and red expedition with two other dudes."Aw come to pick up my girl Candice we goin to Memphis."He looked pass me to the driver's seat at Trix,'Who is that gal?"I smiled and turned to walk towards Candice's house."Come on Tam don't do me like this,"I could here him whinning.Candice had a nice apartment there was no graffiti on the walls or nothing like where I live.After knocking on the red door twice she appeared,hair un combed.I gave her a stern look and started to laugh."iight gimme like 5,"she said disappearing into the backroom.Her t.v. was on,so I sat down on her white leather couch.Baby Boy was on,the scene where Tyrese and Melvin fight."Why you got this bad movie on girl?"I asked laughing because she always talked about her two boys not growing up to be little thugs."Oh she yelled coming down the hall,"Girl I turned it on after they went outside,but you can turn it off now that we bouta leave."She wore a black and white mini skirt,white fetish tank top,and stilletto tims.She left a note for her roomate tellin him where she was headed.Climbing into the car we made our way up the highway bumpin Splashwaterfalls by Ludacris.Candice was in the back bobbin her head smilin,"What's gotten into you miss thing,"I asked.She went into great detail of this guy she had just met and how they had hit it off real well."MM she sound like a keeper,"Trix added her two cents smiling.The ride was long and tiring,but Candice offered to help drive.The way she sped got us there an hour earlier than expected.It was 2:00 in the afternoon,"not too bad.""So what yaw wanna do walk around a bit and see what's goin on?"Candice asked when we entered the building.We ended up buying something from every store:Banana Republic,Guess,Aeropostale,Victoria's Secret,Claires,and some others we just walked through."Dang yaw hear that,"I said refering to my stomach growling."YES,what the hell you got in there a lil bear,and we do needa get somthing to eat,cuz um I gotta keep this apple,"Trix said poking her butt out."Mmm,dang lil ma wha you been doin?"We all turned to see who and what was being ignorant."Excuse me,"Trix rolled her eyes examining him up and down.He was with two other guys,cute,but had no respect."Do I know you,"Trix asked staring hard at his features."Um I don't think so,"he said confused.Then she glanced at me,"look at this fool long and hard,DO WE KNOW HIM?"I tried my memory,but the face of this well over six feet tall giant was absent."MARCUS!"A tall brother yelled from one of the tables in the food court.He did look familiar then.He used to run with Eric,Greg's brother,and it was Eric's cousin Mike that was yelling from the table.We grabbed a booth close to a garbage can and sat down.I know Mike noticed me,but he didn't say a word to me as we passed him."Well ladies we're here and we're hungry so lets get something to eat,"Trix said grabbing her purse.Candice and I did the same only headed in different directions.After recieving my food change and reciete from the cashier.I moved to the side of the register to get a couple of napkins."Hey little lady,"somebody whispered in my ear.I abruptly turned around and his presence was as strong as the scent of the curve cologne he was wearing."My name is Tamitha and I'm aware of my size so don't call me little,"I snapped at him.He grabbed my arm as I tried to move pass him to safety."Ay ***** get ya hands off of her,"Mike pushed his hand off of me and mugged him so hard I wanted to run and duck."You iight?"He asked concerned."Yea,o.k. I guess."He looked over to Trix and Candice who were looking as if waching "The Soaps"."Where's Greg,and why he ain't with you?"He asked pulling me to a small table.I placed my tray down and turned my head so not to look at him."I asked you a question,"he said with a calm,but stern voice.
    "I heard you."
    "Well?"He said trying to get my attention he snatched away my fries.
    "Aight,***** ****,"I said facing him.
    "Your selfish cousin is in Nashville takin care of bizznizz which is obviously more important than me."
    "Why are you here,"he asked staring at Trix and Candi.
    Rolling my eyes,"Dang you nosey why?"
    He had a serious look on his face and said,"Because I know how he is and if you out here with them two you already know what's gone happen."
    I knodded placing another frie in my mouth,"Well he's too busy for me anyway it's not like he cares and he treat me like a side order.When I don't look like a muffin or this Muthafuckin FRENCH FRIE!"
    Smiling he got up and scooted his chair in,"Well I can't argue with that and you know if you need anything just call and keep ya *** outta trouble."I got up and went back to my table.Trix and Candice were all eyes and mouths full of grease and sprite."Sooooo,what was all that about,"Trix asked hungry for some food to plant in her brain."Nothing,"I said disgusted,"I'm ready to go."About an hour later we were all back in the car headed for "Cashville"."OOOh Tam you wanna go to that bang *** party at Goodies today I heard it was gone be out the frame,"Trix asked turning off on Candice's exit.She had to get home to her babies."Sure why not,"I smiled even if I didn't want to go I wanted to catch Greg at home.After dropping Candice off we went to Trix's to change clothes.I changed into an all denim baby phat short set with a pair of matching orange trimmed denim classics.Trix kept on the jacket and changed into a pair of white shorts and kswiss.They always held parties at this building,Trix wasn't lying either it was packed!When we pulled up I saw a lot of familiar and unfamiliar faces.There was a big black security gaurd on the door.I thought he was going to check my I.d.,but all he did was stare at me as I walked through.The music almost pushed me back through the door it was so loud.Trix and I headed to the restroom for last minute prepping.There was a lot of noise out side the door like a celebrity walked in so me and Trix joined the crowd rushing out of the restroom.Greg and his "crew" were coming in loud and demanding.He stood gazing over the crowd before taking a seat towards the rear of the club.I noticed Marcus along with Mike and four other recognizable guys from the mall."That fool got the nerve to be here when he coulda spent the day with me?"My eyes started to water and Trix embraced me to sooth my pain.We took a seat."TAMITHA!"I wiped my eyes and looked up to see the same guy from the mall calling me to him.Greg's head shot around so quick my heart stopped."Oh hell not this fool,"Trix said moving to sit directly infront of me.
    "What are you going to do?"
    I thought about it for a moment and replied,"I'm going to dance."
    With a smile on my face I got up and walked over to him.
    "I never got your name,'I said grabbing his hand.
    "It's Rico and you can call me Rick for short or daddy or baby.'
    We both laughed and made our way to the dance floor.Passing Greg's table I didn't even look up I let Rico guide me through the crowd.As soon as we got on the floor it was "Game Over".Greg jumped up from the table and yelled Rico's name.Rico let my waist go and headed back to the table.I saw Greg whisper something in his ear and it couldn't be nothing pretty.He had to of told Rico I was his woman and I was embarrassed.Then Rico whispered something back and the look on Greg's face was indescribable.He turned and glared at Mike posted on the wall."Oh my God no,"I whispered under my breath when Greg started power walking towards me."I need to talk to you for a minute,"he said snatching my hand and leading me to an empty wall."What's this I hear you out wit' them two hoes in Memphis?"Now it was my time to act a muthafuckin fool,"Man shut that **** up now all of a sudden you give a **** about what I do?"I asked screaming over the loud music attracting attention to our corner."He glanced around to see if anyone was looking and grabbed my arm,in his eyes I could see it he had lost it gone on cocaine or something illegal.
    "Look girl I ain't got time for this,I told you I was busy now don't try and make a scene because I will embarras your ***."Out of the corner of my eye I saw Mike rise from off the wall and staring at Greg."Man what the **** is up wit you two yaw ******,Yea yea that's what this **** is yaw ***** ****** right unda my nose huh?"I shook my head tears forming and anger spurting out with my breath.He let me go and walked up to Mike steppin all in his frame.They exchanged a few words and Greg made his way back to the wall where I stood scared stift."Get ya stuff and lets go to my house,"he mumbled yanking my hand and leading me to the car.Trix was by the door talking to Marcus and I told her that I was leaving with Greg.His rude *** didn't even unlock the door nor open it for me til' he was situated in the car."Man what the **** is wrong with you I can't take this **** no more Greg I'm foreal!"People started to look and gasp.Greg hopped out the car and came around to my side,"***** get ya stupid *** in the car for I whoop ya *** infront of these people,"he said hittin me in the back of my head with his huge palm.I hurried and got into the car(big mistake).As soon as we got out the parking lot,he started up again only hitting me in the face more.With the final blow his big fist and steel knuckles went upside my head."Oh My God,"I screamed the whole left side of my face burned.He pulled into the drive way and mumbled,"Do it again ***** you got one more time and it won't be funny."
    In fact it did happen again five times.That was after he apologized over and over.Everytime I went back until it got hard to keep from others.Trix soon found out and that made it harder on me keeping her out of his face.Now I'm where I am now sitting on the floor thinking.I hear sirens blowing outside my window on the cold streets.Maybe the game will catch up with him and he'll soon change.The drugs got crazy and so did he with every hit.I'm strong and my Granny always said stick by your man,but how much can I take.......

    that's the end of that and I will have another story for you keep ya eyes open cuz I'm just starting to flame...
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    very very nice story
    do ya thang i see da heat is up on ya pen flame on