Black Poetry : Can't Help Fallin'


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Sep 12, 2002
Shaolin,New York
Recording artist and Business lets do it
*a verse from recent album*

I've been through downs and ups, ups and downs
Lookin' towards the sky still touchin' the ground...
They said I shoulda blew up but it just wasn't the right time
So now I find myself writin' rhymes for some peace of mind...
I can't be categorized like the rest spittin' the most stupidest s**t
I'm only concerned with my music and kids..
A wise mind, old soul approachable man
Life's a puzzle and I'm stayin' focused as much as I can..
At times I be fallin' even though I put my all in
More stress got me phone-less, tryin' to find my callin'...
I'm out hustlin' hard cause my struggle is far
from being over I'm stayin' sober puttin' my trust in God..
Livin' paycheck to paycheck with a few funds left
Time spent payin' bills - owin' two months rent..
If I don't get outta this hole soon I will
Have to resort to other ways of makin' these dollar bills..
I'm weighing my options tryin' to avoid jail
Maintaining my conscience while tryin' to avoid hell..
but I

Can't Help Fallin'
even though it's a long waaaaay...
Can't help fallin'
even though its a long waaaaaay
Long Waaaaay, Down...
Long Waaaaay, Down...


Lurk Uno

Thanks for me for the mp3

...isn't the calling
for the young and the restless
i'm guessing
sixty-nine ways to sexing
gotta be more to success, and
all these highways leading to my way
of looking at God's way
coz His the only way

the only fall from grace is the one you taste...and don't let go of.

the river flows.
you're ahead of your time

A wise mind, old soul approachable man

that you are

yo you got mp3 and ish

you got that in ringtone too?


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