Brother AACOOLDRE : CaNNIBALISM: The sin of military defeat of Jews

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    CANNIBALISM: A sin and military defeat from God
    By Andre Austin
    The Foundation of Cannibalism as punishment for sin:
    1. Lev 26:29
    2. Deuteronomy 28:45-57 Military seize results in Cannibalism
    3. Ezekiel Chapter 4 Siege of Jerusalem
    4. Isaiah Chapter 44 Idol made of wood and roasted half of the bread eaten resemble story in War of the Jews Book 6 Chapter 3:4 201-219 which becomes a parody of New Testament eating of Jesus. Roasted lamp in Exodus 12 and boil manna in Exodus 16
    5. Peter’s crowing three times was symbolic of Military victory of Rome’s general offering peace/immunity to the Jews three times (see Dio’s Roman history Book LXV) but Simon/Peter refusing (see The Nature of the Gods By Cicero p.176.
    6. Jews had to eat Manna in wilderness/desert for 40 years. Manna was symbolic of the Phallus. Jesus doesn’t eat for 40 days and tempted by devil (Matthew 4:1). Temptation is associated with sex. With manna being symbolic of the phallus. Jesus was also symbolic of Jacob (Israel) who lost his phallus wrestling with God at Peniel (Genesis 32:22-32)
    Paul states that he received same marks as Jesus. Paul name was changed from Saul with Paul meaning Tiny because he was castrated. . A comedy goes to Testament (root of searing with testicles in your hands) of Christ (Titus) as a God and eating his testicles/penis in the Eucharist ritual taken from the god Osiris whose penis was eaten by a Nile fish. You can pick up little clues from Saul/Paul who said he had on his body the marks of Jesus (Galatians 6:17). Paul himself was made a eunuch and his transformed name Paul (tiny) reflects this being neither circumcise nor uncircumcised=no ***** (Galatians 6: 15-17). Joseph Atwill is now writing an upcoming book called The Single Strand. Atwill is going back and forth from Acts 13:1-9 & 1Samel 18:24-27 to say that Paul’s name change from Saul to Paul is to say that Paul was castrated and renamed Paul because it means Tiny in Greek. Atwill explains that separated means severed and “Placed their hands on him”-The word used for “Placed” can also mean “Attack”. Atwill other book Caesar’s Messiah asserts that Jesus ministry is a parody of Titus military campaign. If this is true then I feel sorry for the Little/Tiny Children in Matthew 19:10-14. (We can see it in Matthew 18 too). It was hard for Paul to kick against the pricks (penis Goads/Penis/*****) see Acts 9:5/Acts 26:14) playing on OT Saul parody of castrated foreskins of 200 penises (1 Sam 18:24-27). The Passover Lamb just stated not to break bones (Exodus 12:46). The penis wasn’t a bone. Peter becomes the substitute for Jesus and is made into a rooster with a phallus beak in bronze in the Vatican Museum. Jesus name is switched to Eleazar/Lazarus connecting him to the child that is eaten in War of the Jews Book 6 and John 12:2-3 where Lazarus is made into a Supper. Recall also Osiris was called Lazarus (El-Ausar-Us) and his penis was eaten by a Nile-fish. At the Last Supper they eat fish. Jews were called Fish n the bible and outside as “Little Fishes” originally a derogatory term to those castrated like Paul a name meaning Tiny. Tertullian an early Christian thinker said “We Little fishes after the image of our IxOus (Fish) are born in the water” (see Black Athena Vol 1 p.128 by MartinBernal). The Pope hat is in the shape of a fish. So a dinner plate with fish/man was cannibalism of events that in reality happened in warfare from which the gospel is a parody of Titus a bi-sexual General/Emperor who was very fond of castrated young boys whom he allowed in his kingdom and music troop.
    7. In conclusion Jesus was put naked on the cross and castrated and from that blood we symbolically drink and his bread/manna/penis we eat which is giving celebration to the military victory of Rome over the Jews who fought between 66-73AD.