Black Poetry : Candy Store Conversations

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    You wore a skirt made of Skittles and you asked me to taste the rainbow

    I told you my sweet tooth could easily cause your heavens to overflow

    You asked me, how many licks would it take to get your Tootsie Roll center to pop?

    I answered, I don't know…but even if it popped, who says I'd ever stop?

    You are Mounds of mouth watering chocolate ever so sweet

    Giving men that walk down the street the desire to beat their meat

    Baby…Baby…Baby…I want to be your Sugar Daddy your treat of caramel

    But you called me Mr. Goodbar after I have been dipped into your honey well.

    You said Your nipples in my mouth would be like an Almond Joy

    I said I am nuts over your chocolate covered treats so let me be your toy

    Though erosive explosions move you by gentle trickling of tongues and words

    You say you love Smarties the geek within me and you call me the king of the Nerds

    You changed your name to Baby Ruth after the sultan of swing

    Because a homerun you hit every time we do our nasty thing

    You said your libido could handle a sensual onslaught of Three Musketeers

    But you’d rather be sucking on my Jawbreakers for years and years and years

    You know who I am, why I am, what I am, where I am at

    Every night I get within laying you down after eating your Kit Kat

    Doctor and Dental visit clinics are what you and I both will need

    After oral and sensual sensations have been fulfilled what we feed and breed

    Desires for interchange and you let out Snickers and laughter while asking for my seed

    But not before you feel my Hershey Kisses from head to toe as you follow my lead

    I wrote you a note that said "Mais non pouvons faire ce que nous voulons J'Aurais Toujours Faim De Toi"

    I then said Pardon my French I know to you it looks and sounds like blah, blah, blah…

    You said we could be Twix caramel chocolate cookie bodies enmeshed and in the mix, we two

    And I finally explained my French note said, "No matter what I do, I’m so hungry for you"

    Nahshon-Rae 4/14/14