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Mar 17, 2002
boringham, alabama
this poem is a tru story, no poetic license was taken 2 embelish the account given. although virtually unknown, this gr8 woman actually existed.


Please listen close and please pay strict attention
As I relate a tale more than worthy of mention
But first let me inform u that this 1 true story
Is one of many among Africa’s dynasties of glory

One of the characters is alexander the so called great
And the major encounter that altered his historical fate
We will see where this would be conqueror made his biggest mistake
U will hear how so called blew his hot African date

Let me tell u what so called was most fond of doing
Parading his troops before black kings & queens, and thereby them wooing
Most black heads of state were so impressed with his might
After viewing his soldiers, there was rarely a fight

Independence now gone, taxes & treaties in its place
So called could move on, “ well, I ve conquered that race”
But one little known stop provided his biggest disgrace
And a history lesson whites have tried to erase

He performed his parade number, all his troops in their trim
But when he thought he had conquered they had something for him
Now, whether so called saw black armies before, I don t know
He wasen t prepared for what came next, though

For u see, black queen Candace sent one hell of a show
A parade of black force, 40,000 or so

Just imagine w me this great alkebu-lan scene
W/geographical beauty like something out of a dream
Abundant wildlife, rolling hills, snow capped mountains serene
A pastel blue sky, a lush blanket of green
Untamed rushing rivers, so sweet pure and clean
Now enter black Candace, royal alkebu-lan queen

And while so called considered whether or not he should charge ‘er
He was handed a note, quote, “if south u d care to come farther
I will show u another army this one even larger

Candace told him up front that if he was, she was game
It was a direct challenge to so called s great name
And when the grapevine got hold, it sure tarnished his fame

W/out firing a shot stringing bows or one spear
Candace defeated so called, then said “now get the hell out of here”
Candace kept alexander from crossing her Ethiopian borders
Not by begging or treating but by dispatching her orders

See, she wasen t impressed by this loud mouthed macho man
w/his overrated toy soldiers or by his marching band
& She wasen t satisfied just to get him off of her land
She ordered him out of the continent of Alkebu-lan

Remember this great sister who ignored so called s clout
his departure wasen t triumphant, a black woman ordered him out

So called couldn t believe that one of “his kind”
Could encounter a black woman who could outthink his "great" mind
And what’s much worse by far, she could kick his behind

So when u read that no more worlds left to conquer line
Seems to me al made sure he ran out right on time

This embarrassed him so that he broke down & cried
See, he just couldn t deal w/this blow to his pride
By the way, not long after this, the great, so called, died
And from all that u’ve heard u may think I m taking her side

It s just that whites still criticize, ignore & berate ‘er
But if he s the great and she beat him
Then she s black queen Candace the greater

Candace, can t u come back say for a year or two?
& Reinspire the substance that was once Timbuktu?
There are so few good workers & yet so much to do
Somehow I feel we might succeed if we had input from u
Just your presence is a reminder of a united black worldview

If u won t come back for that won t u come back and see
The way they have butchered your alkebu-lan family
More than ever we’ve need of a trained bold black army
And an experienced leader w time tested strategy
W a combination like that we could set Zimbabwe truly free

Have u seen our young Alkebu-lan offspring?
Alert, beautiful, w senses so keen
Some exist in encampments & drink water unclean
While plunderers rape the wealthiest continent ever seen
Their destines controlled by people they ve never seen
Whose primary motivation is to fill their pockets w green

Priceless black life becomes worthless in this white mans heartless scheme

Candace, tell us our past, they have tried to conceal
The glorious mysteries of Alkebu-lan reveal
They omit & mislead, misconstrue w such zeal
Then they ve got the audacity to tell me they know how I must feel

Well if they do, why do they continue to rape plunder & steal
The non-violent protest seems a useless appeal

Your brothers and sisters in the states they ve abused
They’re a long way from home, and they re lost and confused
U can look anywhere that our people are
Then look for mistreatment, u won t have to look far

Come warm us w your luv in that rich Alkebu-lan way
Candace, help us, if u can, keep the exploiters at bay
And offset the oppression we must overcome every day
We re so many, so lonely, in this brief earthbound stay
One look deep in our being shows the depths of dismay
And reveals the ravages of a people led astray

If I knew u were in hades I would come there this night
I d remain in ur stead, so u could come lead the fight
Restraining all that beauty & courage just isn t right
The so called s of today could not stand the sight
And what displeases them most is what brings me delight

If u can t come back Candace, well I just had to try
In ur timeless sagacity, u would understand why
I ve cajoled & I ve pleaded cause I had my heart set
See, I luv u black Candace, although we ve never met

Alkebu-lan knew greatness long before any eur-asians came
But in the history books, they don t mention ur name
W/this poetic tribute I will submit our claim
For your fair share of overdue, justifiable fame

Though they make this a practice, they exhibit no shame
Which just supports as I ve said, that their works are inane
Any research that s scientific is their exclusive terrain
But w reference to Alkebu-lan they re outside their domain

But if u seek out some black knowledge or dare to complain
The whites & some blacks act like u must be insane
Though they try to erase u they do so in vain
Just cause they leave her out don t mean she didn t reign

Your brothers & sisters, they have ignored us too
Cause we've got a complexion they cannot see through
But I assure u my sister while there s still breath we can get
We will shout to the world, we won t let them forget

The leave outers don t realize as they ignore her contribution
They r sewing the seeds of an Alkebu-lan revolution
For when it comes to greatness there s no absolute measure
It s just what scale u use, and what values u treasure

She was the gatekeeper of Ethiopia in b.c. 332
She was posed to defend, defeat & pursue
Determined, courageous, w/out fear, cause she knew
That besides being beautiful black is powerful too

So who s great and who s not just depends on the rater
Now I ll sum up my case proving Candace was greater
In post and prestige, she outranked alexander
She was a world renowned military tactician and her own field commander

So although al saw himself as some great instigator
Try as he might he could not intimidate ‘er

She did what no male could do, gonna have to deal w her sooner or later

But their bigotry blinds them, so they won t circulate er
Their beliefs leave them no framework w which to relate er
Her skin colors too black, so they can t assimilate er

She remained undefeated on the world s war theatre
And in the case of so called, to whose will did whom cater?
So u can thank Amen-ra that great black creator
Cause he may have given al the great, but he gave black queen Candace the greater!


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
well felt scribe very well done poet indeed


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Oct 4, 2003
:bowdown: <deep sigh> No matter what I say here, it won't do this justice. I have heard a similar story before, didn't remember her name as Candace, but remembering names is not my forte. Actually, I first heard it when helping my daughter to find out information regarding Queen Nzingha. But to have the talent not only to write poetic verse, but to educate, and give us just one more reason to be proud of who we are...is awesome. So here is your bowdown..... :bowdown:

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