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    Due to our African origins, we are closely associated with the zodiac sign Cancer. It rules Africa, our Motherland. Almost all European and Judeo-Christian societies are patriarchal, whereas African societies are basically matriarchal. The ancient Chaldean, Abyssinian and Egyptian priest/astrologers named the sky above them "Cancer," or "scarab" at the Summer Solstice, which marks the Sun's highest point in the Heavens from the celestial equator on the 21st of June, when the Sun's celestial longitude is 0 degrees Cancer in the Heavens. Symbolically, this point in the Heavens was known as the "Gate of Men," through which souls descend from the Heavens into human bodies.

    We as Black people are a Cancer people, thusly I offer you BLACK, in honor of the Sun's transit of Cancer, the sign of our Motherland:

    BLACK - like the darkness upon the face of the deep before the Spirit of God moved upon the dark waters...

    BLACK - like the womb of my mother — a descendant of the mother of all humans...

    BLACK - like the most powerful phenomenon in the known Universe — The Black Hole — a force so consuming that nothing that trespasses into its event horizon escapes it, including light, which it has the power to bend...

    BLACK - like the robes of the authorities on religion — the priests, ministers, preachers and pastors...

    BLACK - like the robes of the authorities on law — the judges chosen to adjudicate conflicts and dispense justice...

    BLACK - like the gowns of those who have achieved educational excellence and scholarship - and like their cap, the mortarboard, an adaptation of the fez or kufi topped by the flat black square...

    BLACK - like the skin of the genetically dominant progenitors of all the skins and colors — the black man and woman - the first humans God chose to grace this planet...

    BLACK - like Africa, the dark continent where He placed them and from which is found, to this day, the precious resources that make up the wealth of the world — diamonds, gold, oil, uranium, ebony, ivory, rubber, and a whole host of others; the home of the oldest everything important to civilization: The oldest human bones, the oldest sculpture, the oldest art, the oldest writing system, the oldest university - where the arts, sciences, mathematics, the use of paper, and even the use of the spoken word originated; where is found the origins of agriculture, religion, medicine, astronomy, philosophy, architecture and an esoteric mystery system...

    BLACK is the beginning of everything - BLACK like me...

    It's no wonder that I have an ego the size of the Moon, which at times has the audacity and the unmitigated gall to eclipse the Sun itself — our source of illumination and heat that sustains all life on this planet and reminds God's Sun-kissed chosen of their special relationship to it by stimulating our melanin, which in turn stimulates our spirituality and attunes us to the rhythms of the Universe like a biological metronome...

    BLACK and egotistic indeed, but not egocentric, for I am acutely aware of the responsibility entrusted to I and I - God’s first chosen - to administer justice and fairness, and to be an example of righteousness and a vessel for spirituality giving the Universe its balance...

    I am the magnetic force that holds the Cosmos together; I cannot be destroyed, except by that which created me, and anyone or anything that naively endeavors to do so, does so at its own peril, because it can and will only destroy itself in the process...
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    Water + Earth elements. For me, in the high desert as Moon was transiting into Cancer I just THOUGHT (Y)ESHU(A) and within a few minutes Yemoja came forth. I had this experience numerous times in ATL and this was the first time since being back in Cali. It was also the first time it rained since I have been here. So for those who may have enhanced "psychic" ability the next few days, your Water element (Cancer) may be opening new doors for you. Peace.