Black People : Can You Name a Fact that is NOT Based on Opinion? If so, please post it in this thread - Thanks!


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Jan 14, 2005
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Thanks Brother O ... i'm open to correction ... for i know a whole lot less than most ... and willingly admit it.

Oftentimes, when folk are presenting "facts" ... it's just the stuff that lends credence to their position.

Usually ... there is a plethora of "facts" contradicting their "facts" ... but they don't usually present that.

Even then ... the "facts" ... are rarely personally witnessed events ... but their belief in the bearer of the facts.

We've been so hoodwinked, bamboozled, and led astray ... i think it's time out for accepting facts as facts without scrutiny.

We're so gullible it seems ... all one has to do is say it ... get 15 other people saying the same ... and it's a fact!

Aint witnessed nuth'n ... don't know if any of what is shared even exists ... but we'll argue it as if we saw it with our own eyes.

Amazing to me.

Love You ... and thanks for sticking with me all these years ... i know it aint been easy ... :love:

Much Much Love and Peace! :grouphug:


Don't most of US peoples of African ethnicity still confuse the so poisonous Euro-centric GARBAGE still being projected and promoted by the status quo with TRUTH/Historical facts?

Isn't an Afro-centric History Curriculum strategically vital in our communities in the UK, USA and the rest of the Diaspora in general, Africa and in the already industrialized South Africa in particular, or won’t our Children's knowledge base continue to be as polluted as Ours [could YOU name 10 African monarchs I still struggle whereas I could name 30 European monarchs easily], as underlined by our lodges Greek names due to most of us not KNOWING that Pythagoras [studies in Nubia/Khemet/Egypt for 21 years and still considered himself a BOY in contrast to his African tutors] that most of the prominent Greeks either studied in Khemet or were taught by a Greek who had?

Wouldn't you agree that the TRUTH is that we peoples of African ethnicity in the USA , the rest of the Diaspora and Africa are all frontline soldiers in a War that has NEVER EVER been openly declared then or now by THESE despicably cowardly Semetic/White PARASITES, just very very efficiently waged/they JUST DO IT?

Nubia/Khemet battled and resisted the Semitic hordes for millennia but from the moment Alexander the Macedonian peasant overran Khemet we've been losing this WAR, with the situation becoming a rout when Augustus [Julius Caesar's nephew, heir and history's greatest VANDAL] deliberately destroyed Khemet's most spectacular Pyramid at Abu Rawash, which you've never heard of, have YOU?

This so deliberate piece of cultural vandalism was done to DELETE DJEDEFRAH from history as this African Pharaoh is now acknowledged as the builder of the Sphinx which honours his father Khufu [who built the Great Pyramid at Giza]; and as exemplified by the murderous carnage in Darfur and the Congo TODAY along with NATO’s so murderous slaughter of Gaddafi [killing him and his Afrocentric agenda in one] and thousands of Libyans, we're still in BIG trouble/losing this WAR, aren't WE?

Wishing this WAR away hasn't worked for the African collective in the USA, the rest of the Diaspora and Africa for the last 500 years because Slavery and Colonialism didn't so much end as evolve into the current reality of White/European socio-economic domination in every area of human activity so why are WE expecting the chaos in our communities and countries to improve in the near future?

Isn't anyone who genuinely believes they are not programmed
graphically illustrating that their programming is COMPLETE?

Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
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Peace and Blessings Family,

I truly appreciate your responses ... your challenges ... 'cause it makes me think and think hard and deep !!! ... whew!

This is not a light topic for me ... i'm not sure of my own theory ... and want to give each challenge proper consideration.

If i'm beat i'm just beat ... and ... well ... that's what i asked for ... but if i can get around you i'm gonna try and present that! :)

It's just that it's a deep topic for me ... it needs dedicated set-aside time ... just to think on it alone ... and i've not had that.

But i'm gonna get it ... and i'm gonna come back ... and i'm gonna respond to you all !!! ... :love:

I Love You ... Thank You! :grouphug:


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