Black People : Can you imagine: Slavery Today?

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    As we all participate and talk about our present circumstances and all the atrocities that have been committed against our people over the centuries. Could you imagine what forced enslavement would be like today? Mind you we still have a lot of settle racism going on, but we as a people can do a lot more than we could than when our ancestors were enslaved. Even after enslavement (over a hundred years latter) we still had to endure harsh circumstances. Do you think if slavery was still LEGAL today that you would have the strength, fortitude and patience that our ancestors had, waiting and praying for basic freedoms?
    When you really look at it, we are still singled out simply because of the color of or skin, but we do have a lot more freedom of movement, thought and expression than our ancestors had. Even to this day we are stereo typed and put together all in one group, especially from the negative point of view.

    So while we still have issues that effect us, (which really is partly our fault), we are in a position now more than ever to make the necessary changes for us to feel proud of who we are and accomplish the things that we are destined to do, through actions more than words.

    1. By taking care of ourselves as individuals and becoming valued to our selves, our families as well as the communities in which we live.
    2. By setting solid standards despite outside influences to raise our children in the fashion that is productive for them as well as for the community at large.
    3. By not allowing any fad or fashion to group us all together as defining us as a people, especially from the negative end of the life spectrum, most of us have an inner sense of right and wrong.
    4. By stepping up and making sure that our future (our children be the best that they can be) not from a competitive outlook but a happiness outlook, in other words utilizing what ever their talents are to the fullest, so that they can be productive adults.
    5. And last; too everyday take a good look at ourselves.
    Simply because in order for us to talk the talk (not by pointing fingers and criticizing other races ,we all are aware of them; they are in our neighborhoods as well as run this country) we have to walk the walk. Until then NONE (not even our own) will take us seriously, simply meaning if we who talk so passionately about the ills of or people, then we have an opportunity to not only show ourselves that we are truly descendents of Kings and Queens, but that we not only talk the talk we also walk the walk. But it all starts with each on of us to do our part not only for you but our families and us as a people.

    We all heard the saying “action speaks louder than words”, this is our opportunity to do the things that we can do for our selves it is not about separatism. Each culture has a different set of values and views.

    But in all honesty, Our Story really supersedes any other people in the history of mankind. Remember we are still decedents of those who survived all the atrocities that were committed and mainly denied. As a result that same strength that is in us today can also show the world what a civilized, intelligent and honorable people should be like.

    Who am I? Just another brother trying to figure it out like the rest of us.
    Not looking for fame, just a piece of mind for myself my family and the people who share the same story that I know. I hope you receive then with an open mind, open heart and in peace of mind.

    No matter what religious status, political status, wealth status, skin tone or what part of the country you live, the one thing that we have in common is Ourstory.
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    :hi: Hello CarlHurd

    Welcome to Destee's!:wave:

    I've read your other post directed towards our youth whose turning 18. I've found it very encouraging and positive. I attempted to respond in that post also, but my computer wasn't working with me at the time.

    I agree, we must take advantage of the opportunities to uplift our people. And talking the talk is the first phase of our uphill battles. As the more of us discuss the ills that have plagued our people for centuries, and seek solutions to overcome them, the more sick and tired we become of the ills that are still taking it's toils on us today. As a deprieved, targeted, stereo-typed people with so much potential, intellect, creativeness, and spirit, it's time we form a collective unity to enforce justice and equality to rein in our neighborhoods, communities, and minds.

    Here at Destee's we are more than just talk. We are getting the information out there to everyone who visits our site and beyond. Many of us our working in our community to uplift our peoples consciousness and awareness. Many of us are working on our individual selves to change or people one person at a time, by being model examples. Many of us are going abroad talking with our Brothers and Sisters all over the world. I know it appears that our people are stuck in rut, but many of us are actively doing exactly what you are suggesting in this post.

    Dear Brother, although we need all the encouraging and insight you presented, With many doing what they can, what else must we do? How do we overcome White Supremacy?

    I'm looking forward to reading more of your ideas and solutions, and welcome you to join in the many discussion we have here.