Black People : Can You Help Me Find My Passion??

Discussion in 'Black People Open Forum' started by BallOfConfusion, Jan 19, 2008.

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    Well I know you can't really, but maybe some advice might help! I feel like I'm losing me or what I thought the identity of me was. I feel like I just care about what everyone says is important for. I'm perfectly capable of thinking for myself. But what I mean by that last state is someone one will be like o you'll like this & I just force a smile and go along with it. I don't care about anything anymore. It's kinda sad. I've got my likes but I don't have a strong passion about anything. I'm passionless... I've gotta do some serious soul searching. People often use the term "find yourself"...It just hit me that I'm not completely happy. When I first started college I'm like I'm this, I'm that - but now when I look back to that person I'm like have no idea. It was only 3 years ago but I was trying to reinvent myself. And now I'm like wow who are you...I'm missing th e fun me. It disappeared.

    This is more like a blog but...I don't know what I should do-so if you can shine some light on my situation please do!
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    thrivin' spiritually/physically/emotionally/financ
    where failure is not an option

    first off you are alot further along then you think

    you say you have no passion huh?

    did i get that right?



    it took passion to write this

    so let's start there

    then you have a passion to soul searching and find yourself

    well all the answers you seek are within you you just have to dig them out

    you have to be true to you

    take time for yourself to think and simplify as much as you can

    i don't like the word reinvent because everybody has a base nature

    so with that you want to refine yourself

    life is a growing experience you're not going to get it by tomorrow

    it takes time but if you project yourself on the type of person you want to be

    then you do that

    you have to gain faith in yourself

    do you trust yourself?

    have you ever asked yourself that question?

    do you believe in you?

    so there's where you must start gain confidence in your ability

    and do your research

    now with all that said

    what goes around comes around

    if you're putting bad karma out there then it comes back

    that includes bad thoughts (wishing bad on other people)

    and you need to change your way of thinking somewhat and stop falling into

    traps of this society

    like where you said
    well you know what

    it's going to keep hitting you

    there's no such thing as "completely happy"

    you have to make yourself happy

    but life is grind especially under this 30 days cycle we live

    simplify simplify i can't say it enough

    show patience

    and don't beat yourself up

    and don't worry about what you DON'T have

    appreciate what you DO have

    yes it could be better


    it could also be worse

    good luck

    and the first thing think about getting a new name to show your real


    peace BOC
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    What seem lost is never gone just hidden within been replaced with emotions
    your passion is indeed there as you displayed it here
    you care about more then what you feel , come out of self pitty release and vent

    you allowed self to be what you not and now traped between two who don't know
    one from the other , there is lots of fun in you and you have to just to be who you are
    what you are and do things you enjoy in life .

    There's no way anyone can advice you for no one but self knows you totally it's all
    within you look deeper inside the soul / let the spirit live and be mindful and it will
    come together as you find all you seek......Good Luck Ballofconfusion
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    First change that name!!!!

    A famous Jazz band leader, named Sun Ra, said
    You become what you call yourself
    Now here's a suggestion;
    Get you about $2,000.00
    how long it takes, save, overtime, credit card,
    just get it!
    Then get out the country some where for a few days!
    but take along with you books by
    1.Iyanla Vansant
    2.Anthony Robbins
    3.Napolean Hill

    2 blank notebooks and a red blue and Black felt tip pens

    Each day read some fromthese books at 7 at night, and write down a little something.

    Then come back and tell us how you feel:wine: :massage: :cake: :chef: :hearts4: