Black Poetry : Can You Blame Me??????


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May 21, 2001
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Can you blame my ambition… intuition…my position,
my historic acquisition?
My surroundings…my belongings……my longing for a better way….
A light in the sky the next day…….
I want the chain, the boots, the suits……don’t need no lecture bout my roots….
What good will that do me now?
How will I get to the next level? **** rainin down on me like the plague
Nothing clear cloudy gloomy steamy before my eyes…..and you despise me!
despise my brain, despise my look, despise me why…..after all you stole and you took, then erased it all from the history book.
Hmmm let me look and see if I can make it in this land of opportunity.
don’t see nothing for me….nothing but false hopes…..Pimps…..prostitutes
concrete playgrounds….tracked up arms full with your dope…..
Can you blame me?
Can you blame my ambition… intuition…my position,
my historic acquisition?
When all I see is what is in front of me…..cant see the forest for the trees…..
no cure for this disease…… no love for myself it’s you I’m trying to please…and for what?
My despair? Hell you don’t care….. you say….Ill stay over here as long as you stay over there.
Not welcome on my block……. your problems aren’t mine until your son sucks in that rock.
Than the U.S. got issues?
here let me give you a tissue.
Let me explain to you my feeling of anger…. that rises and rises……and still rises.
When I fill out my app, and it says……Caucasian, native American…or Black? you need to know what color I am? Shouldn’t it only matter if I’m a woman or man?
Or is that just another form of hate keep me on the streets where death is my mate
instead.. I get fronted a bird to flip and just like that I’m paid
Rollin on chrome, Olympic size pool in the backyard of my home, but I’m the wrong one?
Can you blame me?
Sure…..I’m wrong I know that, but I’ve been wrong from day one…..when my color came out black…….
What’s up with that?
Any other ways of life? I know no other….ain’t never seen my father…… the glass pipe got my mother, Mac 10 got my brother…and my other brother….and my other brother. We all suffer, **** aint getting no easier….life the next day is tougher
So instead of blaming me… me. Help me and in turn it will help you, so you wont fear me you will accept me cause you will understand me but until you do…..
can you blame me?

Copyright © 2001 T.L. Stevens


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