Black Spirituality Religion : CAN YOU BE A CHRISTIAN FEMINIST?

Good question.

I would say no. And I base this off of my personal experiences growing up in the Christian church and household.

I’d be hard pressed to find a feminist who agrees with Colossians 3:18-25 “Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as it is fit in the Lord…”.

And the books of the Bible, more than likely, being completely written by men.

Plus, aren’t feminists pro-abortion?

I mean….No.

The key is "written by men".

God acts like a jealous husband because he is a character written BMFM (by men for men). Helpmeet? A man without consciousness is capable of believing this; that women were created for his benefit; completely ignoring science and the fact that men have nipples and women have a clitoris. This suggests to me that the simply diverged from the same ancestor in order to adapt different strengths and weaknesses to protect the women and children because at the end of the day survival of the species is the natural imperative.

Perhaps it was the ancient incels who couldn't have children because women didn't want them that started a cycle of social engineering to deceive women into thinking that they were created for men. Who knows, but that's exactly how incels sound. Now let's think about it this way. Let's say we transport 6,000 years into the future and recover the writing of the incel community. Would we, the non incels, want our descendants to listen to that group as if that's what we were all about? It would be embarrassing. And yet if they somehow got into power they could destroy the writings of the opposition. What is the point of this wild tangent?

When you consider Moses, a genocidal dictator who said God talks to him (a combination that we would ascribe to a mental institution), and how he dealt with the opposition... executing them, making them drink the remains of the god they tried to replace his fabrication with, forcing them to wander the desert just to kill off the older generation... these are not the actions of a sane individual. But he also couldn't have been weak or else they would have been able to oust him as leader. So the point is they followed him out of fear. And that's the approach that men in power seem to take. The whole "helpmeet" indoctrination in the bible wasn't simply there as a suggestion. It was there to systematically enforce men being in superior positions out of fear.

If you can be a transgender woman than yes... you can be a Christian feminist because at that point it's whatever you define it to mean. But it should always be said that the bible is patriarchal indoctrination and if it wasn't for the bible we may not have needed the feminist movement in the first place. The problem is that the patriarchy cannot fully be taken down from the inside because you can't change the bible. However, plenty of Christians have no idea what the bible says so...


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