Black Spirituality Religion : CAN YOU BE A CHRISTIAN FEMINIST?


People see what they want to see. Back in my Christian days, I was always an advocate of our sisters having equal power in the family with our brothers. Since organized Christianity is pretty much left up to interpretation, yeah, there will be some men who abuse their specific understanding. If the pastor, reverend, or minister of a church is gung-ho about the Pauline Creed, then you'll find many of the men in that church exerting strong force over their women.


Domination: The ultimate sign of weakness?

So, how does 'modern
Christianity' fit into this?


Good question.

I would say no. And I base this off of my personal experiences growing up in the Christian church and household.

I’d be hard pressed to find a feminist who agrees with Colossians 3:18-25 “Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as it is fit in the Lord…”.

And the books of the Bible, more than likely, being completely written by men.

Plus, aren’t feminists pro-abortion?

I mean….No.


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