Black Money Business Jobs : Can we really develop black owned businesses in our communities?


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Jan 31, 2004
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A few years back, a sister friend had an idea. I was with her when she decided to purchase the property. We did a ritual with Elegua to open up the doors for her to get the property. Within 6 months, my sister got the property - 2 acres of land with 2 houses on it. She started a community garden to teach the youth gardening and to provide organic produce for the lower income and elderly. Her project flourished to where she opened a Saturday school for young people focused on culture, history and agriculture. She called her project Sankofa Gardens.

Now my sister is a contributing author to a best selling book on Amazon, Essence Festival vendor, speaker and empowerment coach.


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Feb 22, 2004
At what point are you finished with a business? How much bad service will you put up with. I ask because I feel that we should attempt to work through issues , however after a certain level of disrespect or unprofessinal activity it is over. How much is too much? I mean I'd rather spend with a black store themn with sme non-black blood suckers, the question is how many times would you put up with bad service?,three? Would a merchant arguing with yu about honoring a coupon attached to a product package on their shelf be enough to make you never come back?


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Feb 2, 2006
My question on economy is there a way to build and develop a community base system that will benefit the business and the community?

Of course we can. Since we did it before with significantly fewer resources, more in-your-face racism, less education and fewer opportunities in the past, there's no reason we can't do it today.



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Jan 8, 2014
It's important for people to remember that the government and the state may not necessarily be there to do anything for you. There also may be a chance that many of the people you held in confidence will's could be broken by a change in the economy. I notice some people are not willing to really sit down and think about what it means to be living in the world the way it is currently or how much we have to do when things go wrong.

We will need people who know how to live off the land. Who know how to build communication systems from scratch and use old fashioned ones (HAM radio, smoke signals etc). We will need people who know how to build bridges, how to divert water sources. We will need alternative energy and alternative living styles.

Trust is the most important thing. You need to be able to trust a person with your life.


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Apr 27, 2013
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Those that own busineses need to make sure that customer service is up to par!
Customer sevice is a big problem with too many Black Owned businesses, bad service means that you will never get my money.

I couldn't agree more. I understand that times are rough and we all want that job that pays a great salary but in the mean time - we still have a public to serve and the look on the faces of some of these people behind the counter suggest to me that some employers need to reinforce the "costumer factor" .

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