Black Money Business Jobs : Can we really develop black owned businesses in our communities?


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Sep 17, 2012
Those that own busineses need to make sure that customer service is up to par!
Customer sevice is a big problem with too many Black Owned businesses, bad service means that you will never get my money.

I have to agree with you. Customer services determines whether a person will purchase or by word of mouth advertise your product. This is a serious problem with most black business even here in this country.


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Dec 29, 2010
You need a good product, good customer service. Don't hire buffoons who will make your business look bad. Learn what the red tape is and follow the laws. Too many of our businesses are being lost because of stupid mistakes like screwing up paperwork, fraud, etc. Surround yourself with people who know what they're talking about and people who have actually started businesses. If you don't know accounting, learn all you can about it and hire someone who knows accounting.

Many blacks have credit issues and since they do it's extremely difficult to secure loans to start a business. Keep your credit clean, if you don't it'll be that much harder to start a business.

G Ali

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Jul 9, 2012
I'd like to think that we can start black owned businesses in our communities, and you would think with the internet at our disposal the reach of these businesses would go much farther than just within the communities, as far as gaining and offering support to other entrepreneurs, even opening locations elsewhere in a franchise like manor.

For the last few month I myself have been looking for a black owned clothing line for my associates and I to wear exclusively as well as invest in.

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