Omowale Jabali : Can We Defeat White Supremacy?

Can We Defeat White Supremacy?

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Sounds good, looks good on paper, where is the organization?

Very good question bro. Omowale ... I surmised the answer however is encaptioned in red below.

Therefore its clandestine, incognito, behind the scenes bidding time to make a move.

The problem which exists is the holding unto the idea of igniting the whole Black Nation when communication is non-existent between the 1 billion Africans on the planet. Some are too afraid, too unconcerned, bought out, unconscious and/ or asleep to ever be able to respond in an organized way to be of any help. This truth makes large marches, protests and rallies ineffective and in fact counter productive. In war when you are out gunned and at an tactical disadvantage you must bid your time. Meaning you must proceed step by step, moving stealthily and swiftly to get the tactical advantage back on your side and then getting weapons would be easier as you get closer to the enemy. The distances we need to close is the technological, infrastructure, industry and economic. We have won the war educational wise because currently Africans hold the highest education degrees in the world because we don't have the other components our renaissance is currently halted. We need to begin to centralize our power in order to utilize our huge educational advantage.
KingSango, Aug 19, 2013

I agree with you. I am also of the opinion that black self hate is a larger problem from within that must be defeated as a prerequisite to defeating white supremacy. I won't say much else on the topic of white supremacy from this point on, which also means that, ...peace!

On point!

Overcoming Self-Hate Part II
Discussion in 'Group Think Project-Group' started by phynxofkemet, Dec 11, 2008

On point again ... love is the antidote, against which there is no law ... It must be demonstrated, by us, even in the presence of white folk.

I will say this.

What is the opposite of black self hate?

Black self love. But that love needs to be nurtured. This can not and will not happen in the presence of white people.

I'm out.
On point again ... love is the antidote, against which there is no law ... It must be demonstrated, by us, even in the presence of white folk.

Especially in their presence.......
We need the love we have to empower our children inspite of what others may believe.



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