Can We All Just Get Along??

Discussion in 'Violators and Violations (Possible Ones)' started by soulosophy, Jun 21, 2009.

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    With the warmth of these words I'm sending love and positive energies of light.

    I tried to post in the thread Why Bro Street Soja Banned? but the thread was closed.

    I’m not one to be inna inna and attempt to divorce myself from drama and machinations as I don’t have time for some of the foolishness I’ve seen displayed here on the site, and I’m not trying to be “best friends” with But as Bro Nasheed said there are some good peeps that are here to learn and grow and not to allow the negative to drive us away.

    Anyway, there’s something wrong with this picture (Bro Street Soja Banned) that kinda disturbs my spirit for what reasons I'm not entirely sure yet but feel I have no choice but to speak on it.

    Sis Destee, you’ve expressed several times about how family have their disagreements etc but will work them out yet you permanently ban Bro Street, who from what I’ve seen is about learning and growing, and has been loyal to this community for 10 years? That’s a mighty long time. Yet newcomer Sis CherryBlossom, only probably been here a short time yet manages to cause much disruption and disharmony among certain members whom are now banned? I’m sorry but it doesn’t balance out to me [scratches head].

    From what I’ve seen/read Bro Street was trying to work it out with you, perhaps refusing to remain passive in his discomfort of not being made to feel afraid to voice his concerns at the risk of being suspended perhaps but not permanently banned, but from what I’ve seen, many times you didn’t like his views and just blatantly dismissed what he was trying to express and then banned him? I can comprehend why Bro Street was so hurt and lashed out as he did and why you permanently banned him, as Sis TTTC wisely expressed “Hurt people hurt people”.

    When one finds oneself with insufficient emotional skills to deal with a situation, the normal reaction is to "attack" or to "flee". One usually flees when one desires not to wound or injure the other, or wishes to escape the shame or embarrassment of being seen as lacking qualifications to function on a particular level. When one attacks, he/she imagines that they have been insulted, injured or is being attacked, and they spare no verbal or physical energies to defend and protect what they view as his/her own sacred possessions and to destroy the adversary.

    Sis Destee, you and I don’t always see eye to eye but its never gotten to the point of our disrespecting one another. So I know we both have the ability to communicate effectively and rationally. But many times people, as well as ourselves, will take things way out of context, plus the fact that the language of words, and especially English, is often confusing and often ambiguous.

    But who among us is flawless, unblemished and blessed with the illusion of perfection? Who has silenced his devious demons that bark like dogs from deep within the heart's deepest dungeons? We are forever tested with other people’s attitudes, tried with obstacles, with trials and tribulations, even failures to show that we are sincere, dedicated and determined in our goals.

    An old song that goes, "You always hurt the one you love," but it can also go, "The one you love always hurts you." You are both reflections of one another. Perhaps you both have rebellious and proud spirits not to be overthrown or captured. Oftentimes we don’t like to hear certain things that we feel challenges who we are. But we each have to learn to listen, to go away and reflect, and to humble ourselves. Perhaps you both have a sharp tongue with the aggression and persistence of a pack of hungry hounds in debates or whatever…lol. But we should not shun criticism or disagreement and get angry, but welcome it and see argument and/or debate, as an intellectual exercise, not as an opportunity to pout and scream if our views are not accepted. As an artist (poet and writer), it is the breath of life. How else does one grow and learn the secrets of the heart. How can one say one loves but yet seeks to silence the voice of the Beloved?

    Love, Peace!
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