Science and Technology : Can Social Networking Defeat White Supremacy?

The Biggest Social Networking Tycoons Are Simply Practicing Social Engineering For Profit And Other Motives. This Same Social Engineering Is What Has Many People Of Color By The Neck, The Same Science Can Be Applied In A Positive Non-Profit Driven Manner For The Better Good. Social Engineering Itself Is Not Bad How Its Been Used By The Dominant Society Well So May Find Evidence To Argue Its Innocence.
Brotha James What Do You Think Do You Think Its Possible If A Social Network Gathered The Attention Of People Of Color And Offered Everything They Needed To Defeat Their Own Personal Oppression That Together We As A People All On The Same Page All Doing The Same Thing The Right Things Can We Defeat Of Will It Go To A Point And Then Our Oppressors Will Smack Us Down Black Wall Street Style. What Do You Think Brotha James?
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