Science and Technology : Can Social Networking Defeat White Supremacy?

I seriously doubt White Supremacy can be completely abolished in the short or long term.
Thank You For Your Thoughts
I Agree Partly I Think Long Term Is Possible. One Month Of Sustained Boycotts Will Hurt But Like A Wound All Would Heal. I Believe WS Can Be Defeated Long Term If What Needs To Be Done By Black People Is Done And Those Things We Are Doing We Sustain Doing Them. Ie. Empowering Our Minds, Practicing Group Eco, Loving Ourselves And Respecting Others Life I Believe We Can. Yea Theirs More To It Then That, But My Point Is If The Heavily Melanated Were All On The Same Page Doing The Same Things The Right Things On A Sustained Fashion Is Likely The Recipe For Success.

I Ask If Anyone Thinks Social Media Can Defeat WS Is Because When I Look Around My City Even Though I See More Blacks Being More Black And Doing Things Like Claiming Awareness "Consciousness" & Thats All Good - I Still See The Majority Of My People On Social Media. Social Media is The Only Page I See Majority Of Blacks On Can Social Media Defeat WS?
economic boycotts would incur more financial damage to an entity steeped in or supporting racism then a year of social networking could ever do. Thanks for reading.
Definitely Missed This Symbol Of America But Thank You For Your Thoughts. I Now Have To Disagree With Your Entire Statement And Its Obvious What Is Likely Behind That Photo Of An Eagle. WS Can And Will Be Defeated Social Networking Can Do It. Black People Just Need To Get On The Same Page And Leaving Matrix Created By There Oppressors Is The First Step.
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