Chief Elder Osiris : Can Religion Free Global Africa?

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    Can Religion Free Global Africa?

    Hoteph Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    Tell me beloved, is it not a fact that it was the use of religion that captured Afrika and the Afrikan?

    Then I would Think it would be common knowledge that in order for Afrika and the Afrikan to become Free again that a alternative must be used to bring about our Freedom again and that method is none other than to begin to use the Black Divine Mind in order to know and understand that it is the original instrument that was in use that secured the Freedom of the Divine Mind of Black People and such an instrument, which is Knowing, must be put back in use, that is if Afrika and the Afrikan is to ever be free again.

    It is the First Way and the only way that is capable of revealing the life and action of our Ancient Cosmic Divine Ebonite Ancestors, the way that is capable of freeing the Mind of the present day Afrikan and not the enemy religion, the weapon used to bring about the destruction of the Divine Afrikan Civilization.

    So I ask, what manner of question is this, using the most destructive weapon to ever been used to destroy Afrika and Black People, with an implication that religion has the where with all to possible free Afrika and the Afrikan, are we Black folks so enmeshed in the Lies and deception that religion provoke, to the mental extent we are no longer capable of Thinking out side of the dungeon box of religion, the weapon used to captivate our Divine Mind, preventing us from desiring to entertain the alternative to the very thing that now have an entire Black Nation in captivity, shackled in a belief system that is anchored down in a doctrine that personify GOD and giving such a SON, now incapable of realizing that such be the weapon that now is used to keep Afrika and the Afrikan imprisoned, in a daze of fantasy, living a life inflicted with illusion?

    No! No!, this is not my way or my saying, what I share with you is that which is referred to as Truth and Reality and the testing point is to be able to rationalize with the use of profound logic the science of the reasonableness of the claim being made, needing no crutch such as belief, faith and hope, principals which has no standing in the company of Science and its associates empirical data to substantiate the conclusion reached concerning the matter under study or being discussed.

    Whom am I to challenge the devil of wickedness, evil lies and acts of deception?
    Well beloved, I am as a shadow which is made manifest by the glowing rays of the SUN and my SUN is Truth and I am the Shadow projected by the power of such Truth and Reality, seeking nothing from you, having only an obligation to remind you of that you have forgotten and it is only the devilish Mind that reject such Divine Truth about what caused the confusion to become present in a life that once only was familiar with Divine Truth and Reality, in the Know of what GOD IS.

    As I often say, I am not come to debate the Truth, because the Truth need not be debated, only lies take such pleasure in provoking such mental action and when and what I say about the institution of Religion and its means and the end result it create, the evident verify the Truth about the action of religion, not I, evidence of religion destructable behavior toward the Afrikan is what you need, then go, go, go and fetch your Mirror Afrikan, and behold the result of the religious destruction of Afrika and the Afrikan.

    Religion is incapable of providing Freedom to Afrika and the Afrikan and it matter not how determine the Human Being Negro is, in attempting to reach such a Bliss, because in religion there is nothing Blissful that emanate out there from, only Lies attempting to over shadow Truth and the conning acts of deception, the main staples of religion.

    Tell me beloved, how does it make Black Folks appear when out attempting to debate or discuss an action such as religion, using the theme Freedom as its main focus of attention, implying that such a religious demon is capable of providing a Mind that is not Divine, Freedom .

    Woe! is unto you who have been exposed to the Truth and Hear not and accept not, such be the sign of a devilish Mind, imprisoned in the seeds of the Dogma of religion, yet we victims of such religious evil, attempt to make a straight line out of a circle, one representing limits and the other Infinity, so beloved in the circle of Infinity you will find the First Way in which the Divine Mind is a resident of and only Divinity revolve in the circle of Eternal Infinity, the House In Which Truth and Reality Exist in.

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder