Black Poetry : Can I Touch You...

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    I been in foreign countries, and stood on foreign land
    As I reach for you, wanting to touch you without using my hand
    But to use my words
    And trace the outline your body caressing your curves
    Words that penetrates and hit your heart at its core
    Where you anticipate my arrival and ask for more
    I want to bend in a thousand directions like the sun does
    like love does, like time stopped so the hands of the clock could hold each other and feel the love
    And we hold each other like I hold these words
    I’ve held them for too long and they need to be heard
    So today I release those words that I held true
    And I’d pay the light bill just so I could see you
    For you there noting I wouldn’t do
    I don’t need directions, I already know
    I don’t need a clue
    See I want to be your favorite hiding place, the place you could put everything you know you need to survive, every secret, every solitude, every nervous prayer, and be absolutely certain I will keep it safe. I will keep it safe.

    I want to write love poems so sweet that the ink on the paper attracts honey bees
    And I’ll keep it simple like the A, B, C’s
    See I want you to feel me, like a genital breeze
    As it blows the leaves on old oak trees
    I whispered you stardust, I spoke you into sunflowers
    And I could do this for days and without counting the minutes or hours
    For you I’ll find the courage of ripping my heart from my chest
    And saying “Here, hold on to this for me“ cause to me you’re the best
    Cause I choose you and there is no need to look at the rest
    Got me deeply breathing, cause this air is fresh
    And I been in foreign countries, and stood on foreign land
    So this is me reaching and touching you without using my hands.