Black Poetry : Can I Live (influenced by Jay Z)

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    Can I Live

    Aint no love in the heart of the city
    For a renegade who aint afraid
    To spit out his feelings
    You see the ruler's back
    and he came to takeover
    Cause you cats been makin' the song cry
    In desperate need of a make over
    All dat yapping and gossiping
    Ya'll sound like girls, girls, girls
    And I know what girls like
    Diamonds and pearls
    But a diamond is forever
    so it's time ya'll meet the parents
    And it's so many hoes in here
    [email protected], ain't it apparent
    n!&&@ please
    You dudes aint as one like me
    I spit guns and roses
    Ya'll aint sunnin' like B
    You betta stop and breathe easy
    Cause while some people hate
    I did it my way
    Allured by your own fate
    Poppin tags ain't a thang
    I got money, cash, hoes
    Can't get that dirt off ya shoulders
    So you might as well change clothes
    Somehow. someway
    Ya'll turned H to tha Izzo
    You, him, and her
    But I eat ****** to the grizzle
    You aint knowin' Im big pimpin'
    Still in this hard knock life
    I approach like excuse me miss
    Im tryin' F^ck all nite
    Cause Im parking lot pimpin'
    You should get ya mind right
    Im leading the Dynasty
    Spitten blueprint 1's and 2's
    Ya'll drop ya'll lst verse like the black album
    Im a threat to you dudes
    & without a reasonable doubt
    Im volume 1, 2, and 3
    Ya'll can't compete with me
    You probably spitten ether
    But the takeover is clean
    And just when you thought you won
    It was all a dream
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    nice drop .....we don't use the N word here in this community
    love'd the flow