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    AMEN:Who is Amen?
    By Andre Austin

    (Walk by faith not Sight-2 Cor 5:7)

    The Concept of Amen originated in Egypt and it’s very important to unlocking some of the mysteries in the New Testament. Step by step I will demonstrate the very importance of Amen. The second root word for faith in Hebrew was Aman/Amen. Paul defined faith as “not yet seen”(Hebrews 11:1;7).Paul’s definition was stolen from the ancient Egyptians concept of Amen.

    Faithful “this is the same root that gives us the word Amen”-Holman’s Bible dictionary. So what links faith and Amen together? The answer is unseen.

    Herodotus reports in 450 BC that Zeus is the same as Amen and that Zeus origins came from Amen. Socrates insulted Zeus for the Egyptian Amen and died for his crimes.
    Amen for the Egyptians meant invisible and visible. The invisible part was Amen-Ta and visible was Amen-Ra or Amen and Amaunet i.e. the hidden wind and its opposite. Amen was the personification of the sun after setting/unseen. Likewise the Bible prayers, letters, phrases said Amen at its conclusion/setting. Amen-Ta doesn’t come until the conclusion of the sun (Ra) rising at the beginning. “The God Amen, manifest in the wind…breath of, the mysterious source of life in man” Ancient Egyptian religion By Henri Frankfort p.22. This would make the holy comforter Amen/spirit the sustaining power Jesus/Horus left within us. Jesus as a tree spirit of life and moral order was with us from the beginning of time. Just look at Rev 3:14 Amen/Spirit was with us at the beginning of time.
    In the time of King David, and probably generations or centuries before his reign, persons who assembled to pay tribute to Jehovah were accustomed to shout “Amen” (it is true or so be it) at intervals”-Strange facts about the Bible By Webb Garrison p.69.

    Catholics and Christians all agree that Jesus Christ himself is the Amen see Rev 3:14 and 2 Cor 1:20. Therefore Amen means more than “So be it”. Even in the Koran at the conclusion of his creation “Of the heavens and the earth: when he decreeth a matter, he saith to it Be and it is” 2:117; almost like So be it. The Christian Amen is a creator God (Rev 3:14) just like the Egyptian God.

    The Egyptians had the word Amen before the Bible or anyone else did so they are the true owners of its origins, concepts and beliefs before anyone seen or understood it.