Black Spirituality Religion : Can I expect some visions from God to know that I am in the right path?

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    Can I expect some visions from God to know that I am in the right path?

    Ans. Visions are miracles done by God to rectify the defective students. Visions are not necessary for the souls of perfect spiritual level. Krishna never showed the cosmic vision(Vishwarupam) to Gopikas, who were the perfect sages. He showed this vision to sage Udanka who was rectified permanently. Again He showed this vision to Arjuna who was rectified temporarily upto the 18th day of war. On that last day, Arjuna refused to get down from the chariot for the sake of his prestige before the soldiers even though Krishna ordered him to do so. Again Krishna showed the same vision to Kauravas, who did not change at all. Jesus told that the devotees who believe without proof are really blessed. Hence miracles like Visions are not important at all in the case of real devotees.
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    Visions are what the Father sends, when He feels it's necessary for you to know something or other. It is apart of His promise, a promise which the Son made known to us in His words.

    Truthfully, those without proof of the Son's face, as in, never seeing it, but believing that He came as a sacrifice for our sins, and that He died for our salvation to be resurrected to life eternal the 3rd day, are blessed! Because though never seeing this, nor ever meeting someone who has seen it, we still show faith in His truth to be salvaged to the Father on High.

    Visions are necessary as a warning of what is to come, and lessons for what is.