Black Poetry : Can I Afford My Own Diplomatic Paralegal Secretary?

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    with everybody working
    that i can call on
    they can't leave their jobs
    just quite yet
    until i see six figures
    then i can advance one of my own
    family members about ten thousand dollars
    yet i have other plans
    already set in place
    for them also
    but back to the special secretary
    of mine i would like to grow
    make her a notary public or synonymous
    while attending her first year of college
    within the contract tells all
    like a monetary bonus
    plus books including further material
    to further educate her into my own diplomatic international lawyer
    i am still looking up
    how she can be both domestic and international at the same time
    while having skills of a diplomat
    got my business cards
    with her name on them
    she prints them out
    on card paper
    let her design it herself
    she allowed to freelance herself
    only for notary public purposes
    and not for nobody else
    or any other service she can provide
    causing growing a princess into empress takes delicate time
    along with other positions with my Dynasty
    like i truly understand organizational structure
    and investment too
    why invest into human resource
    just for them to leave you?
    You must be crazy
    i'm keeping whoever i contract and employee
    for as long as i can if not forever
    raise them up to be controlling members
    challenging the youth to expand my Empire
    as long as space is vacant then more positions can be filled
    a first year college student no matter their age
    may do well receiving two hundreds dollars per week
    being my part-time secretary and notary public
    and within the contract i will state after a number amount of months
    she can drive the company luxurious car
    all maintained only used for business purposes only
    increase her pay by the quarterly
    meaning four times of the year
    pay for her tax preparer license
    she got two certificates within one year
    change the business cards via word software
    she is looking evermore prestigous
    that's my righthand Queen
    i can see her walk proudly young and distinguished
    yes some day soon i will afford her
    cause i have no choice
    being on the road for four years straight
    and if she needs to hire someone
    i prefer another female
    no sorority affliation
    maybe a military background would do
    depending on the person
    she has to have that all eyes on her glow
    plus know thyself
    roots and all
    no religious affliation
    not a feminist
    only heterosexual
    and trust me i got ways of finding out
    through simple questioning
    two languages learned or working on them
    depending on the areas of offshoring
    work me up a whole squad of female diplomatic experts in their field of choice
    corresponding to needed positions filled
    i dreams lots of dreams
    to discard many and keep the ones of critical choice
    and yes i will be able to afford them all
    if my business is to grow i better be able to afford them all
    i would be stupid if i couldn't....