Health and Wellness : Can Blacks protect ourselves from the Coronavirus?


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Nov 2, 2009
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Many folks do not seem to be taking this virus seriously. What are your thoughts?
With so many convoluted social, political, spiritual, economic filters in play, the truth is really hard to decipher. There are too many voices with too many conflicting agendas.. so many.. in fact.. that listening just makes things worse.

It's time to listen to your own instincts. Respect the unknown. Keep your distance from people that are not as careful/concerned as yourself. Stay away from Hospitals.. and any other places where the sick.. confirmed/unconfirmed are being gathered. Do your shopping in bulk.. and at odd-hours.. eat real food.. take no unnecessary risks.. accept no assurances from anyone selling anything.. including ideas. This will pass eventually.. hopefully sooner rather than later.


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Jan 14, 2005
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F**k it, it is what it is. Mfs been trying to kill us. Our immune systems have become so adaptable, I wouldn’t worry about it. That’s why they put this kind of news out, to put fear in your hearts. Fear hinders the immune system, so the more they can make you fear the easier it is to kill you.

Beat on your chest like King Kong and howl at the sky, let these Mfs know you refuse to be cowed.

PEOPLE, isn't DO FOR SELF the obvious way FORWARD in the 21st century as highlighted by the manner in which a Senegalese Research facility in Dakar has come up with a Corona virus testing kit that costs less than $1.00 US?

They are systematically testing ALL of Senegal 16 million inhabitants to make absolutely sure that their country is not going to have a serious problem with the Corona virus, while also producing millions more testing kits for other African countries to utililize.

Isn’t ANYONE who genuinely believes they are not programmed graphically illustrating that their programming is COMPLETE?



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Dec 31, 2009
Just like I thought. Those ventilators are killing people. While the mayor of New York is screaming for more at a 80% death rate. But to be fair maybe it was for compassion since they only put people on the ventilators as a last resort to save their lives?

"People Are Being Murdered" NYC Frontline Nurse Claims Ventilators Are Killing COVID-19 Patients In NYC Hospitals!

A frontline nurse working in New York on coronavirus patients claims the city is killing sufferers by putting them on ventilators. Posted by JR

Also I saw LED Face masks and laser hair lost caps on Entertainment tonight recently and I wonder if it could be a good preventative measure for fighting the Coronavirus? according to a NASA study Blue light penetrates deep beneath the skin to get rid of all bacteria. And according to wikipedia all viruses attacks and incorporates bacteria on the skin and in your body.

“NASA paid grants to physicians to study the effects of light on the human body in the late '80s and '90s and what was shown was that when you use blue light, for example, on acne, it's going to kill bacteria even underneath the skin whether you extract it or not,” Vargas said.

“It's an incredible tool for an esthetician because if I’m doing a lot of extractions on somebody, for example, and then we do a mask ... I can then put the person under blue light and it will assure me that all the bacteria is gone and that the sites of pimples can heal freely without worrying about getting infections again,” she added.

The human virome is the total collection of viruses in and on the human body.[3][4][5] Viruses in the human body may infect both human cells and other microbes such as bacteria (as with bacteriophages).[6] Some viruses cause disease, while others may be asymptomatic. Certain viruses are also integrated into the human genome as proviruses or endogenous viral elements.

Effect of skin location
Diverse viruses colonize the human skin and differ by skin site.[25] These skin virome includes human viruses (i.e. human papillomavirus) and bacteriophages (bacterial viruses) that infect commensal skin bacteria such as Staphylococci.[26] Virus communities differ by moisture levels and degree of protection from the external environment.[25]


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