Black People : Can African American Descendant of the Slave Trade be Racist?

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    No!!! Nevertheless, that doesn't stop us from being angry - learn the difference.

    Racism vs. Anger –

    Etymology dictionary gives the origins of the word:

    Racism - is first attested 1936 (from Fr. racisme, 1935), originally in the context of Nazi theories.

    Anger - c.1200, from O.N. angra "to grieve, vex;" the noun is mid-13c., from O.N. angr "distress, grief, affliction," from P.Gmc. *angus (cf. O.E. enge "narrow, painful," M.Du. enghe, Goth. aggwus "narrow"), from PIE base *angh- "stretch round, tight, painfully constricted, painful" (cf. Skt. amhu- "narrow," amhah "anguish;" Armenian anjuk "narrow;" Lith. ankstas "narrow;" Gk. ankhein "to squeeze," ankhone "a strangling;" L. angere "to throttle, torment;" O.Ir. cum-ang "straitness, want"). In M.E., also of physical pain.

    Racism is strictly a concept created by the Neo-Nazi movement which is based on their ideas of racial superiority. Racism is based upon color superiority and that cannot be found in the African American communities. What has been mistaken for racial superiority is not racism but an explanation of origins and facts.

    Africans were the first people on this planet and it was through and from us that all of humanity came into existence. We are the creators of the created and thus in all societies their creators are worshiped as GODS or honored as Ancestors. This is not racism; this is historical, archaeological, anthropological, theological and genetic facts. So-called Caucasians due to their lack of Melanin cannot create beings that have more melanin then them. That which they do not have they can in no wise give what they don't own. Only that which have can give. Black-brown people on the other hand have sufficient amounts of Melanin to create all colors of the spectrum by giving less melanin to the created. This is not theory once again this is fact.

    In most societies the eldest inherits their parent’s wealth and they are over their brothers. In company structures when the father hands his business down to his eldest son he rules the company and not the youngest. If we were created by external deity(s) then we would be the eldest of this planet and thus we are to be the rulers and not the youngest which just so happens to be the Caucasians. It has been this structure for thousands upon thousands of years. We don’t think that we are superior because we are black/brown but we know that we are the first rulers, kings & queens, Gods (Goddess if you subscribe to this term) because we are African first. In terms of our color it gives us the privilege to create all other so-called races which Caucasian color doesn’t. It is through us (Africans) that the people of Asia, Northern & Southern America, Australia, Europe and if there are any folks in Antarctica as there are in the Islands exist; they do because of us.

    So it was us who said “let US make man-KIND after our image and after our likeness” because genetically all so-called races are subclades and haplogroups to ours African genetics and thus they were made in our image and after our likeness. This is not racism or superiority; this is about being the seniority and creators of all humanity.

    We are who we are and that is not to be debate or taken away, its up to us to remember and realize that which is what we are here for.

    This is the basic understanding of who we are as to being the creators of all so-called races on this planet. This is not based on a ‘THEORY’ such as the Neo-Nazi’s or any other organization on this planet; this is based on fact.

    What people are hearing from African Americans and others who are apart of the Diaspora from Africa is anger, frustration, and in some cases rage. We have been violated and disrespected which continues on to this day. Some of our people have hate in their hearts for Europeans not because they are white and we are black but because of their actions. In the days of old we didn’t understand hatred for people based upon their color, which is purely a Caucasian philosophy. When we fought it was usually because two clans disagreed or there were invaders coming in trying to over throw our communities. When Caucasian first came to Africa they were invited in with open arms. We let them study in Km.t and other places that we ruled. Yet it was our kindness which became our weakness and to this day, Caucasians still feed off of that quality of ours.

    We invite Caucasians in and they always find a way to destroy our homes, be it country, communities, or even internet communities eventually. They come in peace, move in and bring grief. As African Americans we do not need to be discussing our internal issues with Caucasians we need a sanctuary if you will - a home to discuss our internal affairs. My mom and dad used to say, grown folks are talking – mind your business and I feel the same way – the creators are talking, the created need to mind their business because there is nothing anyone outside of us can do to help us. The problem is not external, its internal and our created has a propensity for keeping the internal fire burning by throwing gasoline on the fire.

    In conclusion – if the board members of a company are having a meeting and they shut the doors does anyone complain and say they are discriminating or are racist? Absolutely not!!! We are the board members of this planet earth, the absolute rulers, the first and the last and when the board (Pan Africanist (Africa & the Diasporans)) come together to meet – don’t get mad or make false accusations when we require or ask if it is required that it be a closed door policy. We have loose cannons in our company (aka earth) and we need to get our company back in order – even if that means firing the loose cannons.