Black People : can a white woman raise an authentic black man?

jamesfrmphilly said:
yes, it does. people with one white parent are mixed race, mulatto or colored. they are not black.

You completely exclude blacks who have a white parent? Or an asian parent or whatever isn't BLACK for you? Who made you the authority on what's black and what isn't? Everyone's mixed and I'm pretty sure you have a slave master or two in your bloodline. What does that make you? It doesn't matter how many blacks you keep marrying you still have that white blood floating around.

remember? check "holy terror" by the last poets. check "fo deuk revue" by david murray feauturing amiri baraka

Obviously I don't see things the way you do. I embrace all blacks, mixed or not. I don't go by the mixed monicker because the word mixed means nothing to me. It excludes you from everyone else and has people like you saying that you aren't this or that, but both? I don't see how someone can be both of anything. You're either one or the other.


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