Black People : can a white woman raise an authentic black man?

jamesfrmphilly said:
you submit dennis rodman as an example of a black man raised by a white family?:slobber:

if you have one non black parent, you are not black. you are mixed race, colored or mulatto.
that does not mean you cannot be a very good person, but you are not black.
this is an example of how we can get messed up when we do not use words properly.

if you are mothered by a white woman you are not black. again, you may be a good person, but you are not black.
an authentic black man is one who has two black parents and was mothered by a black woman.
if they are mixed race and they are mothered by a black woman there is still a chance.
white mother, forget it.

black people are currently plagued by parasites. they may look like us but they do not think like us and they do not have our interests at heart.
we need to be careful who we let into the circle. obama is one who i would not let in.

I think this is just ridiculous. Just because one of us has a white parent does not exclude us from being black. Many of us have white parents and or grandparents, etc. Who you are raised by does not always determine your mindset. Blacks are treated as blacks whether we have a parent that isn't black or not, we may not all think the same but we all have the same background and the same experiences. It's people like you that confuse blacks who have a non-white parent by telling them they are not apart of us, when they are.
jamesfrmphilly said:
why do you overlook that they have blood ties to other communities to? i ask if we want leaders who have just as strong a tie to whites as they do to us?
i prefer my leaders to be loyal to my community only.

This is like arguing that one shouldn't identify with their own children because half of their gene pool comes from someone else and they won't be completely loyal to you because you aren't their only parent.

i believe if you are mixed race and have a white mother you cannot possibility be loyal to the black community

You can believe what you'd like to but there are mixed people who are loyal to both of their parents and both of the groups that their parents come from. You are more likely to see mixed (Black/White) people who are loyal to the Black community but, outside of their White parent, are apathetic to or even prejudiced against Whites as a collective group.

"Mongrel" is an inaccurate description as human beings on this planet belong to the same species (homo sapiens) and the same sub-species (homo sapiens sapiens). What we call 'racial' groups may more accurately be described as 'clines'.
Africana said:
Just because one of us has a white parent does not exclude us from being black.
yes, it does. people with one white parent are mixed race, mulatto or colored. they are not black.

Clyde Coger said:
Do you remember the Last Poets?
remember? check "holy terror" by the last poets. check "fo deuk revue" by david murray feauturing amiri baraka
Power defined Via The Matrix

Edward Williams said:
Smith was part of the machine world. as far as we know Smith was the reason Neo was there to begin with. When it was all said and done the machines still had the power to destroy Zion...even after Neo was no more. this is what I got from the Architect saying "what do you think I am human"...meaning it's all math. The only reason he's not going to change his mind and continue with the destruction of Zion is because he thinks mathematically...he's not "human"...meaning 1 + 1 = 2. You can't change that.

I noticed you don't have T.O.L.M. listed as part of the books in your signature. I read Volume I and II and T.O.L.M. I have the tapes and the cards and have used them on occasion. Why don't you list T.O.L.M.?

Greetings: Couldn't find a comparable sized picture (on google) that I could match up to the others. YES..the TOLM is an invaluable book as well and I use the exercises (Behavioral Modification) periodically during the Lunar cycles.

The story line integrated alot of seemingly antithetical perspectives into one functioning organism (ironically NEO) ....That seems to be going on in our community of perspectives as well. It would be nice if there was A PROPHECY with underlying mechanisms that circumspect our opposing and yet complementary thought processes.

I don't think "The Power to Destroy" or "Maintain a system of injustice" is a accurate guide for understanding "Power."

Edward Williams said:
The only reason he's not going to change his mind and continue with the destruction of Zion is because he thinks mathematically...he's not "human"...meaning 1 + 1 = 2. You can't change that.

That was his limitation in regards to the functioning of the whole. His limitation turned out to be useful in bringing about a resolve; a use of his limitation that he was not in CONTROL of. His logic saw no need for ZION as an didn't add up, but the POWER that was driving his logic and poised to detroy ZION was redirected against itself but not in a conventional sense. It was redirected enough to achieve a balance through an illogical structure. Commander Lock tried to fight the Machines with logic and it was only good enough to hold them off. No matter how logical ones approach, they wont fair well against a collective conscious that deifies Logic and reasoning. The proverbial Glue of the machine consciousness is conventional MATH as you stated and it assisted them with keeping the people sleep to exploit them. It was the integrity of the Illogical mathematical structure facilitated/Intuited by THE ORACLE but under no ones particular control that brought about stability between the complementary and yet opposing relationship between the humans and machines.

Can anyone be responsible, exclusively, for that POWER?


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