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Jan 3, 2002

By Chief elder Osiris

OK, what do I mean when I say Divinely, well to be Divine in our Life pursuit is to be Practical and pragmatic in what we do and when such a mental behavior is in action, then the indication is that such thoughts are in Harmony, Order, and Balance ( attributes of Divine ) with your Life desire, and every Sane and worthwhile Being, desire what is needed to cause the Life we live, to be at peace and is enjoying the experience of Joy, which serve as an indication that such Divine Activity that life is engaged in, is activity that is acceptable to Life that live with the requirement of being respected, and a Life that is respected, is a Life that is experiencing its Freedom., independence, and is treated Justly by the one that is living that Life, because you will demand respect for your life, and in that state of Divinity, such a Life does not tolerate Lies and acts of deceit, which cause such a Life that accept such an act toward it, to be under the influence of a Mind that is not Divinely attached to that Life.

So Beloved, my question to you is, can black People live a Divine Life engaged to the doctrine of Religion ?

Beloved, is it not a religious fact that religious doctrine is what keep the Black Life out of Divine focus, because of the religious fact that it teach the religious believer to take no thought about your Life self, when in fact all that you need to know is a Matter of using a Divine Mind, when in pursuit Honestly, after the Divine Truth, a Truth that does not reside in Religious Belief, which hog tie your Mind down in participating in such a mental exercise as, Belief, Faith and Hope, principles that signify uncertainties about that which religion condition its followers to believe in, which prevent you from knowing the flaws that dwell within the sanctuary of your Religious Mind.

Then since that is the Divine Truth concerning Religion, the question come back around again, which is, does Divinity reside within the Institution of Religion and since it does not, then can Reverend Wright or any Religious Preacher guide you in the way that is Divinely best for your Life, preaching to you that you must depend on Jesus if you " WANT " to save your Life, not in this World, but for the Heavenly World to come, a fantasy that most all Black People have been mentally duped to believe in, and in such a Belief caste, it prevent Black People from doing what is required of us to do, in order for us to act Divinely, and the sign that you are acting Divinely, is when all action is toward regaining control of Afrika and teaching the Divine merits for Black People becoming reunited again, in Afrika, with Reparation being the Sacred Issue capable of saving the Black Nation once accomplished.

Now, this Divine Premise can not be set upon a set of flawed Religious principles, formulated into a catechism of religious dogma, which is designed to influence you to look away from yourself, when in search for God and the Knowledge of Self, because such a direction, religion does not guide you, because you would be going away from that which hold you in Mental captivity, chained with a belief system that cause you to despise the Divine Truth about your Black selves.

What Reverend Wright said that which have this country to maintain its divisiveness, which is that, because of America Lies, Deceit, and Injustice imposed upon the Black World and the outer World, such an Evil affliction that America has, God Will **** America, a statement of information and not a statement of a personal expression toward America.

Yet and still, Reverend Wright can not have it both ways, either he will denounce and reject religion and become a Black Nationalist Revolutionary and this is about reverend wright, while he act to attempt to serve two Masters, and that will not, and do not, benefit the present condition of Black People in America, nor in Afrika, and that beloved is the major problem of the religious Black so call Afrikan Preachers, trying to be a religious saint and a Black Nationalist revolutionary at the same Time, it will never work, because they end up attempting to be loving one position and despising the other, and as the saying goes, there is no straddling the fence, because that is a position that verify total confusion, and such a position does in fact favor religion, the weapon used to defeat the Minds of Black People, and to keep our Divine Mind in captivity.

A Religious Mind can not Reason Divinely because Religion is an institution that cause confusion and not Harmony, Mental disorder and not a pragmatic orderly Mind, and a Mental imbalance and not a Balance Methodical Mind, and without that Mental process, the end result will always be based on what you sensually Want and not what you Mentally Need, and that is why the oppressors are always praising their agents, those Black so call Afrikan Preachers, Ministers, Reverends, they which have the Mind of Black People under their control for their masters, which are they that created that evil institution, Religion, used it to destroy an entire Black Nation, as we now sit here debating the so call pros and Con of Religion when in fact there is nothing positive religion has ever done for Black People, even when we believe that it has, using no Empirical Facts to support such a belief.

So the question be again, Is black People Mind Up for Sale ?

I ask that question because that is what seem to be more persuasive to black People, even the appearance of conspicuous consumption paralyze the Mind of Black People, you know the appearance of having Money, such is enough to get Black people attention, even Black Folks in the entertainment Field hold a magnet of power over Black People and they are capable of leading Black people to the Mental slaughter house, without opposition, and they are people that do not have a speck of Black Divine Conscious about them, ( with a few exceptions, where Smokey does not fit ) look at what Smokey Robinson is saying to you and more especially to our Children and all you do is lean back and skin and grin because that is what Smokey Robinson is saying about out Afrikan Heritage , a negro that Know nothing about being Black with a Divine Conscious, but those are the caliber of Negroes Black People swarm to and it is all because of the glamor of it all, and not the Substance, the kind of Mind that Have Afrika in the control of White folks and The Black Divided Nation being so Religious Confused, believing that you do God a favor in despising the Divine Truth and its Teachers.

Beloved, when Black Folks begin to Think Divinely again, then you will See Afrika come back under the stewardship of the Black so call Afrikans and the Rise of that Divine Eastern Star United, Black And Proud again we will be.

Only The Confused Religious Afrikan Is Up-Set With This Divine Truth being Shared with You, Doing As I am to do.

A Foolish Person Can Not Be Profoundly Reason With, But A Dumb Person can Be, Which Category Does The Black Nation Fit, Concerning Self.

Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You.

Chief Elder
The First Way Institute Of Black ( Afrikan ) Mysticism/Reparation/Repatriation


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