Black Children : Can A Pregnant Teen Be A Role Model?


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Oct 18, 2009
anybody can be a role model....i think particularly in the black community i question wether a pregnant teen can be a role model because of the fact they are pregnant and if they try telling other girls to avoid doing this n that they'll look at the fact that she knew all this n got pregnant


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Oct 28, 2008
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I dont think the teen thats pregnant is the problem, the issue is that now that she is, can she still be a role model..

my answer is yes..what is done is done, and cannot be undone..


there are teen mothers who are mothers, who may still experience PTSD, who may now have an infant with colic, just so many issues that come into play some may not think of. & just as important as it is with us males..

any girl can lay down and make a baby, but it takes a mother to raise one, so there may be other expecting mothers in her community who do not quite know who to turn to for advice, and may feel shame, from the many eyeballs that follow them.

So they may and can become inspired by a youngin just like her who chose to allow a bundle of joy, be brought into this world through her womb...

and makes sure the child gets the love, support, confidence, teaching, it needs to deal in this life,...
lets not count her out just yet...

it may not appear that she can be one to preach abstinence, or to keep her legs closed, but so what, things go down, life happens, and she should know that by her being a young teen mother, she now has a lifelong responsibility, but another responsiblity shouls be to pass on to others her age, the challenges, obstacles, and the joys of being a Mother..

there is no better person to remind her of this, but HER.

I only feel it becomes hypocritical when we stay in our present state while preaching to others how the other person should get their house in order...

what you think?

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