Black Poetry : Can’t you see it’s time for the panther (tribute to Tupac Shakur)

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    P for potential
    A for action
    No excuses we’re
    Tired we won’t run
    the H is for help the
    E for esteem
    The R hold it down at the end for redeem
    Who am I ?
    A panther
    Who am I?
    A panther
    So beware of my roar
    And stay clear of my teeth
    What I want is justice
    All I seek to be free
    If you stand in my way then prepare to bleed

    Have you seen this side of the panther?
    As his hunter gives chase
    Dodging obstacles set in place
    to impede the consciousness of his race
    Can’t you see it’s time for the panther
    As he lowers his back
    For now he has been cornered
    With no choice left but attack