Black People : campaign to reduce airfares to and from Africa.

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    Please click on the link

    World Pan-Afrikan Voice Online Radio by JACQUES S AGBOTON

    An open Forum for Africans (Blacks) around the World

    on July 19, 2007 @11 a.m. EST and join me on my online radio show WORLD PAN-AFRIKAN VOICE to speak to Ghana Minister of Aviation Honorable Ms. Gloria Akufo. This is part of our campaign to reduce airfares to and from Africa.

    Blacks are overcharged and you must speak out if we want things to change. Send this message to your friends and relatives so that governing authorities realize that is serious and now is the time.

    Listen to the audio in the attached file or read the article appearing in various media in Africa and North America.[40]=i-43-&x=552451
    Jacques Sotero Agboton

    Author of Pan-African best seller
    (An ideological basis for the liberation of African people) Special same day shipment!