Black People : Calling all MHPs, Case Managers and Social Workers!!

Discussion in 'Black People Open Forum' started by anAfrican, Nov 30, 2008.

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    (i would have put this in health/beauty, but the description seems to point more toward "beauty" than mental health, so it's out here.)

    after 1300 years of trauma, the African Nation is reeling in the grips of a serious case of post traumatic stress disorder, with those of us subjected to this latest 400 year long stint of the american slavery system having an additional brutal round dumped onto and into our heads.

    i would like to put out a call for any practitioners of mental health services (mental health professionals) to come together and seek to put into practice some, or all, of the stuff that has been learned with respect to "treatment" for ptsd. because, yeah; we gots it bad!

    i most definitely do acknowledge that i have a case as well; i am not immune either. just because someone can point to the existence of something does not necessarily mean that they are "above" it in any fashion. in fact, the recognition of there existing this condition is only because it is something that i have explored in my efforts to find out who the real me is that does not fit within this "society".

    i have attempted to point out some of this in my recent "complaint", as well as in the identity crisis and the ptss threads.

    as we have learned over the years of being together in this House designed and built for the purpose of seeking to come together in a space just for us, this has come to be a place where we can begin the process of Healing. (remember that thread where i pointed out that the word "Healing" was missing from the "mission statement" (which i hereby apologize for "abusing" today), and then came to the conclusion that the whole "mission statement" actually said exactly that without having to say it?)

    let us now (soon? please?) "formalize" the unwritten "purpose" of this house, and begin to answer brother excel10k's "concerns" by attempting to get to the root of our "self destructive behaviors", which are, in fact, "merely" a manifestation of our ptsd.

    a couple of people within the ptss thread mentioned their involvement in the field. as well, sister truetothecause (Peace, Blessings and Condolences to you, Sister) is a practitioner. i have had some "field experience". i hope there are others with "formal" experience, if so, please share with us. i know from "getting to know" some of the members of the House, that there exists some "para professionals" in the House who may not even be aware that the Healing support they Give here, and in "Real Life(tm)" are "workings" in the field; i ask you to dig deep and Recognize the Support that you Give and continue to Share it with us.

    in "answer" to the "issues" that brother excel10k, as well as brother kemetstry, have raised, i often start that list with "education". in thinking about that ptss thread, i now believe that the first step must needs be Healing.

    Come, Family; let us give this a try, Together.


    (i've got to run off now and get ready for another meeting right now. and then i should either put this "new" puter back together [i've finally come into the late nineties and now have a box that should be fast enough to get into video chat, so am thinking of reprising my "rockin in the new year" party!], or get this room prepped for finishing up the painting tomorrow morning. then i'll be gone for the day while the paint dries and have my shift tomorrow night. i'll check in in the morning, but will undoubtedly not have time to post. i hope this thought-seed finds some fertile ground to blossom in!)