Black Poetry : CALLIN YA HEART 2

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    Calling ya heart tonight into a love in delight​

    calling u will u come to a perfect love dat humm!
    calling ya body of essence to a dance of romance
    asking ya heart in twist to taste da compassionate bliss

    Thy LOVER calling ya heart of beauty
    calling ya heart of warmth , calling it to caress
    as i whisper dis sweet confess, calling in da name of love
    to a comfort dat's from high above

    Calling u in rapture of hope to uncover & mend what's broke
    calling to protect ya heart bring smiles & shinning starz
    calling ya heart tonight to a pure tender delight
    calling ya heart to flood it in da pools of love

    As we cross in sensual waves dat our bodies crave
    a gentle maze of erotic glow begin to blaze
    by da 3 candle light u know as mentalz flow
    one burn to say i do , another burn speaking i love u
    other one burn in da truth of sparkling red deep green

    Shinning black of a Queen my heart hereby sing
    calling u in this new fix of my sweet mix
    twisting motions flow calling ya love, calling ya soul
    come to me i so forever hold tenderly yet bold
    will u come!!

    Say yes and call my name, coz baby i'm doing da same
    enter da rapture of a dear heart in da Kingdom of starz
    cross da glist of my cherrymoon da web of love my heart loomz
    into my room of cascading meassures for ya heart & souls sweet pleasures

    Calling ya heart can u hear, beyond what ya might fear
    close ya eyez vision my dear, cast ya care upon me here
    for they are treasures to be, lift ya head up high and free
    come my beloveth unto da sky, da misty blue where i fly

    Bringing down a love so true to honor and tame
    respect in direct , listen intently as it call ya name
    speak in vow to unleast all pain
    sweet smiles as tis love call out to claim

    Calling ya heart tonight sweet lady!
    upon ya feet lay my red roses