Black Poetry : Call Me Radiant


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Mar 19, 2001
I gaze through fused sands watching spring change it's
clothes donning itself in summer hues

it looks so beautiful warm colors of
orange persimmon and cinnamon

I pray that you see what I see
hear what I hear feel what I feel

the morning eye dances I take it's hand
and we slide through your blinds and I am
absorbed by your skin

do you like what you feel? call me radiant
call me.... me...please

call me when you need to be placed on
the free side of freedom so we can
syncopate the echos of our four chambers

splash stars on the wall and rearrange them
until we are in a celestial embrace and connect at
our Lagrange Point* 'til mass transfer takes place
and all of you paints me peace.

(c)2001 blakverb

*Lagrange Point: named after the french mathematician Joseph Louis Lagrange, where the star's gravitational forces are exactly the same (between the stars). If one star expands so much that it's outer layers pass the Lagrange Point,, the other star will begin to strip away the layers and accumulate them on it's surface. This process is called "mass transfer"


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