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    Call for submissions: The Eintouist, a new African American e-zine (ISSN:1543-4176), is calling for submissions of Eintous, formal verse, free verse (which includes spoken word or performance poetries), haiku, and essays dealing with the state of African American poetry. There is no restriction on theme. We seek only well conceived poetry and essays. This submissions period will last from 2 March thru 15 April 2003.

    The Eintouist is dedicated to the evolution, greater understanding and appreciation of African American poetry, while spearheading the evolution of the Eintou; The Eintou is an African American septet syllabic/word count form consisting of a 2-4-6-8-6-4-2 structure, where the numbers represent the number of syllables or words per line. The form is consistent with African American historico-cultural philosophy.

    Yet we are also interested in the broader scope and evolution of African American poetry in all of its diversity of verseforms and themes. We do not believe that any one type of poetry or theme typifies African American poetry, and we reject and resist all reductive tendencies or claims. Within this, while we strongly encourage the submission of Eintous, we also encourage submissions of all types of poetry.

    And though the Eintouist is African American in concept and philosophy, we are not restricting submissions or acceptances to only African Americans; as a public and open E-zine, we value all voices, and think all voices deserve equal opportunities toward expression and audience. We stand firm in our commitment to not perpetuate past literary (and current) bigotries!

    At this time, the only thing we can offer buy way of payment is publication bragging rights in what we will work diligently toward making a quality e-zine. The selection process will be very competitive, and we therefore strongly suggest you submit your absolute best poetry.


    Please send no more than three poems within the body of an email to: the [email protected]. Do not provide any information such as biographies or publishing credits, do not send us your name- just a valid e-mail address and the titles of the poems. Upon acceptance of a poem or poems, we will contact you requesting all required information. We do this in an attempt to eliminate bias and optimize objectivity during the selection process. Please do not send poems with all caps. And please do not send any attachments! Failure to follow these requirements will result in immediate dismissal of your poetry. Type in the subject line what you are sending and its genre e.g.: “Poetry-Eintou” or “Poetry-formal verse” etc. etc.


    There is no length restriction on essays, however bear in mind, longer essays will have the burden of carrying added impact and holding a reader’s interest. The essays can be on any aspect of African American poetry, past, present, future. Essays can also be analyses of past or contemporary poems. Send essays in the body of an email, with no information beyond a valid email address. Essays will be evaluated on the level of accurate information it contains and its relevancy to African American poetry. We will only accept highly informed essays. If accepted we will contact you for the required information. Please send only one essay per submission period. Send essays to the [email protected] with “Essay” typed in the subject line of the email.

    The Eintouist secures first electronic serial rights, all rights revert back to the author upon publication. Should the Eintouist require future publication (in anthologies etc.) we will seek the authors’ permission.

    We do accept simultaneous submissions and previously published material. We ask that you inform us of where and when a poem or essay was published so that we can give credit. If the Eintouist is the first publication in which an essay or poem appears, we would appreciate acknowledgement in future publications.

    You can submit an essay and poetry in one submission period, but please send them as separate emails.

    Any questions, contact us at: the [email protected] The first issue of the e-zine will be published, 30 April 2003.


    The editors