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Jul 2, 2003
And all that truancy bs was during the same time harris was protecting crooked pigs, crooked DA's, crooked crime labs while letting the likes of Steve Mnuchin make bank.
Play the holier than thou sheet for someone else Hodee.
Harris is nothing but another paper thin cardboard cutout that's been white washed in black face.

Is truancy OK?

Get those 504's

Truancy that misdemeanor impacted the social services benefits sick children need but the initial laws any attorney will tell you as years passed tweaks are made to improve them.

California laws are not meant to punish students who are repeatedly absent or tardy.

NAACP even overlook all those Mothers that couldn't afford legal.
Where was this Los Angeles Attorney of ADOS .. He said in this video he read all about this ladies woes when it happened. Now he want's revenge or what is the motive here?

If I was an Attorney I would be taking cases just for the cost of gas..
I would change laws and get justice for the Black Community not be a political commentator
Arnold a Conservative was the Governor boss who she worked for
Conservatives always target Blacks and those working under must comply.
Look at those under the current conservative President..

I'm not playing the holy game. Never will.
Legally she was her job and she did it well

If African Americans all were to take a ancestry test ... many will see there is no all black.
There are some white and blacks who hate that race mixing get a long stuff.
But regardless of all that white wash _ I'm voting for Kamala.


Jul 2, 2003

I thought they were more focused on getting Reparations ..
Do they want Kamala to say.. ADOS I will get Reparations?
All those followers want reparations and this is causing divisions at the wrong time before November
I'm down for reparations but the thought has consumed many of African Decent _ a single focus at all cost

Reparations were the theme in all of the videos and post since 2017 from Yvette and supporters.
I watched many of them listened for hours.
The theme is Reparations for African Descendants.

Biden made his pick.. and then ( Yvette, supporters and promoters ) are speaking more now about not supporting a new commander in chief. Instead are turning to help conservatives win the Oval Office again in November.

Kanye West flip _flopping In order to draw away the Black vote..

Mostly everyone that is against this change of office is saying mixed race Kamala and not Black woman Kamala and Indian woman Kamala like .. they are saying... how dare her use the word Black and she isn't. Jamaicans are of African Descent

Is Jamaican Black.. one drop and it's a fact your in the Black ..
Oh but the arguments continue and the speeches are good because someone will follow and not vote unless BIDEN OUT RIGHT SAYS .. I'm GONNA PAY ALL THAT REPARATIONS because money will quiet that mouth. Money talks B/S. walks away for a while

Were still struggling and every move for the future generations is a positive move.

Speaking about the race of Kamala is like the birther group speaking.
Folks didn't like Obama because he had African Blood.

I'm glad he did eight years and saved us from that last recession.
The chart here... from Obama and the save he made
To 2020 the disaster we now have and top that with a pandemic ... we are heading for a trifecta


Crashing it like a good conservative so the other party will inherit and spend all that time rebuilding

Conservatives have been corrupt and trashing every economy since 1980 democrats have the Black vote by a majority so they are targeting us not a political party
The affiliation overall is to keep us from prosperity and even reparations by messing up the room as they check out

There will be no reparations because the two terms of this next election will be needed mopping up the deficit and ruins.
The younger generations are going to forced into some real hard labor and taxes to upright this one

GDP .. heartbeat of the economy... to politicians nothing else matters the fall out will last for years


Plus.. the negative is well over ( -32.9 percent )



Jul 2, 2003

Newsom is letting all these prisoners out of Jail.
In Philadelphia where you are.. has the Governor done the same..
This thread was that. Swing at that if you have something.

Prisoners all over America are being released and some of them placed on the streets with no help or home.
This post was to get an idea of how bad it was if others posted about their states

I don't mind going off topic jamesfrmphilly.. but the stretch to promote Yvette is a long drift

Oguon should be doing the same.. post anything topic related..
Prisoners Back to The Streets Corona Related Releases etc..

jamesfrmphilly you know..

Oguon you know too.. your no newby you have been here for a while
So back out or get on topic.
Good luck on your November Vote


Reading the case as reported from the Los Angeles Times wasn't easy. You must be a subscribed member to read that.

The Fight for Right, Truth and Closure in any death case isn't something that fades
In a civil matter the police was responsible for her until they dropped her at home or safe place. The criminal matter can't be prosecuted by any one unless the coroner report says homicide or murdered. Then no statue of limitations and the police must keep solving the murder. Statute of Limitations for murder doesn't exist.

Police picked her up for something, the nefarious LA Police you know , we know them long history of police Corruption noted and not noted. Getting away even when Rodney King was clearly filmed being beat.

Statute of Limitations for murder doesn't exist.

They have this... GPS on all those police cars. look at the Officers cars that day in question.. New i evidence .. New case. The case reopens. The Guilty can be Tried
To this day, the cause of Richardson’s death remains undetermined, according to the coroner’s office.
Check that coroner.
. they covered up more for the city and the police than anyone..

In November. Come What May .. As The World Turns

=== I was able to snatch this much from the Los Angeles Times and get some of the story they wrote. ===​

Attorney general’s probe finds no evidence of wrongdoing by deputies in death of Mitrice Richardson

–Latrice Sutton, mother of Mitrice Richardson, speaks about her daughter during a 2010 vigil in Inglewood.

(Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times)


FEB. 3, 2017

10:35 AM

A California attorney general’s investigation has failed to uncover evidence that would merit criminal charges against Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies for their handling of the disappearance and death of Mitrice Richardson, according to an official letter.

The 24-year-old woman went missing in 2009 after being released from the sheriff’s Malibu/Lost Hills station in the middle of the night, even though she was without a phone, wallet or car. Nearly one year later, her decomposed body was found in a Malibu Canyon ravine, several miles from the sheriff’s station.

To this day, the cause of Richardson’s death remains undetermined, according to the coroner’s office.

Richardson’s family insists she was the victim of foul play and faults deputies for their treatment of the young woman. Deputies had arrested her for failing to pay an $89 tab at Geoffrey’s restaurant in Malibu, and then released her about 12:40 a.m. even though she showed signs of potential mental illness.

Her family has also blasted deputies for mishandling her remains. Coroner’s officials said deputies moved her body parts without permission, and months later, Richardson’s mother was visiting the site and found a finger bone that belonged to her daughter.

The office of then-Atty. Gen. Kamala Harris balked at reviewing the case in 2015, saying there was “no reasonable inference” that deputies broke the law. But months later, in February 2016, the case appeared to gain new momentum after Harris agreed to review the matter at the request of Richardson’s father, Michael Richardson.

That yearlong inquiry appears to have revealed no evidence of wrongdoing. A Dec. 31 letter from the attorney general’s office to Richardson’s father, which was released to The Times, briefly outlines why “there is insufficient evidence to support a criminal prosecution for destruction, alteration or concealment of evidence.”

The closure of the investigation was first reported by the Los Angeles Daily News.

The letter to Richardson’s father also noted that the statute of limitations for concealment or tampering of evidence had passed more than two years ago.

Reached by phone on Thursday, Michael Richardson said he was disappointed in the findings of the attorney general and angered by the knowledge that a statute of limitations prevented prosecution. He maintains his daughter was murdered and that her killer remains at large.

“I’m a great deal upset,” Richardson said. “We have too many loopholes and too many unanswered questions.”

Michael Richardson also accused Harris of taking interest in the case as part of an election-year bid for publicity, noting that the announcement in February 2016 that she would review the case coincided with her campaign for U.S. Senate. Harris was elected to the Senate in November.

“Kamala Harris is a phony,” Michael Richardson said. “We don’t need people like that leading us.”

A spokesman for Harris did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

In its review, the attorney general’s office looked at whether sheriff’s officials had withheld video taken of Richardson while she was at the sheriff’s station as well as whether the removal of her remains from the site where they were found before the coroner’s office arrived had violated the law.

Mitrice Richardson, 24, was last seen after her release from the Malibu sheriff’s station in the middle of the night in 2009.
Her decomposed body was found about a year later in a Malibu Canyon ravine, several miles from the sheriff’s station.

In the letter, Senior Assistant Atty. Gen. Lance Winters acknowledged that sheriff’s Capt. Tom Martin, the former station commander, did not immediately hand over videotape of Richardson to her family but noted that the video “was preserved and eventually disclosed.”

Los Angeles Police Department detectives, who were investigating Richardson’s disappearance, were aware of the tape, so there was no apparent criminal aim to hide the video evidence, Winters said.

“We also were unable to find any indication that the videotape had been altered or tampered with, nor did we find any evidence suggesting officer misconduct on the videotape,” Winters added.

Jail records revealed no clues that evidence was concealed. Winters said that the station phone log did show Richardson made four phone calls to her grandmother, but AT&T phone records did not reflect those calls.

“Although the calls could have been made, those calls were either not picked up or not made at all,” Winters wrote.

The attorney general’s office did conclude that sheriff’s deputies removed Richardson’s remains before the coroner’s office arrived, but said it was “highly disputed” whether the coroner’s office gave them permission to remove them.

That finding contrasts with what the coroner’s office said in 2010, when Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter publicly rebuked deputies for removing her remains without approval.

A detective at the time countered that investigators removed the body because they were concerned about approaching nightfall and the possibility that animals might disturb the remains in the rugged ravine.

“There is no indication that any part of the discovered remains were destroyed or concealed,” Winters wrote in his letter. “Ample photographs were taken of the skeletal remains at the site before and after they were unearthed so that the whole recovery process was well documented.”

Sheriff Jim McDonnell said in a statement that he agreed with the findings, and noted that the case has been reviewed by the Sheriff’s Department as well as the county’s inspector general and the OIR Group, a police oversight consulting firm.

“Each inquiry has produced the same results,” McDonnell said. “There is no evidence of concealment, tampering of evidence or criminal wrongdoing.”

Richardson’s parents, each received $450,000 from the county in a legal settlement. Michael Richardson continues to maintain that his daughter was killed, and in a conversation Thursday night he asked deputies who may know more about her death to come forward.

“These officers took an oath to protect and defend people,” he said. “You didn’t take an oath to keep secrets.”


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Jun 14, 2018
Okay Brother to try and get back on the topic, first of all I fault the likes of the Biden's and Harris's for putting those people in that precarious position to begin with. And a good many of them for no good reason. That they just do'n their job don't truck any weight with me, the Nuremberg trials settled that argument long ago. Many people were hanged with those words on their lips, 'I just do'n my job'. If you do'n a job that is just plain wrong than morally you should be getting out and refusing to co-operate in the injustice. At the bare minimum at least not make it worse which arguably Harris did do.........and that's how she got to the senate and now cast as the next rising 'Corporate Neo-liberal' making it worse for those on the margins of what little is left from the 'Great Society' legacy. And to find all those little shredded pieces left behind littering the road between here and the era of the 'Great Society' one doesn't need look much further than Joe Biden and his ilk.
Harris has and is playing her part admirably..............just do'n her job.
So without the sars-2 running rampant ya think all those souls would still be serving time? Ya think Harris or Biden would be calling for their release? Ya think either of them will be yelling for dismissal of what ever petty charges they'd been charged with? Ya expect either of them will make the calls to help dig those 'disposables' out of the hole both of them have worked at to put those 'criminals' into? And those are no throw away lines or idle thoughts Brother because we all know anyone one of us here is only one foot step outside our front door from becoming one of those statistics (and sometimes just by sleeping in bed).

It'd take all day to list how odious the proto-facsist trumpkof administration is or how venal and craven the repug senate is or the facsism of the Christian Taliban........(my my what a lovely package, no).........any one of those three would take a good part of any day.
So yes I could feel some lightness in watching their ***** get kicked into the ash heap. But beyond some tokens thrown out that mean nothing for actual change I don't expect any real change and I feel you or anyone else shouldn't either.
Back to 'normal' is not an option we have the luxury to entertain any longer.

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