Meat Recipe : Cakes

Off the top of my head

cause I don't measure nothin usually,
1. cooked salt cod(boneless dry codfish)
washed and boiled twice or thrice to remove most of the salt but leave enough to taste.
2. An equal amount ofmashed potatoes
3. add chopoed celery, green pepper, onion.
4. dash of tobasco or small piece of scotch bonnet pepper
5. one or 2 eggs depending on amount
6. fine whole wheatbread crumbs,
7. mix or process(food processor)
untilit forms semi firm spoon fulls
add more bread crumbs if too loose

8. fry in hot oil like one would chicken or fish until golden brown.
drain on paper towel

you mite eat the whole batch before yu serve them, they are really that good!

key points;
1.good salt cod filet(firm but flexible, no blemishes,
2.make them spicy enough
3.make sure the batter is somwewhat firm(small balls or egg shapes) before frying:hearts1: :chef:


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