Brother AACOOLDRE : Caesar & Circe in the mix

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    By Andre Austin
    Taking time out to clean up the mess
    From the Church named after Circe a black magical goddess

    Embedded in the Gospels (Goood News of a Military Campaign)
    From the scrubs of the Trinity Dynasty of the Flavian’s evil Reign (69-96AD)

    This is the story of Circe (Church) and her Vampirism and predicaments
    For Dracula you need garlic, with Circe a Molly herb to ward off her enchantments
    New Testament Scholars don’t know what it Represents

    With a wand in her hand or was it a fork (Odyssey 10:385-435)
    Gates of the pigsty pen was opened Circe changed men into pork

    Circe “drove them out”, and John had Demons Jesus drove into the 2,000 swine (Mark 5:9-20)
    A Titus deed of 2,000 Jews; can’t swallow the parody, well get ready to dine (War of Jews 4)

    Then they sent John to write at Patmos and in Decapolis
    For the Negros, Necro, lost souls to read tombstone in the Necropolis
    Sounds like Nikos a branch of the Nicolaitans, maybe the Cult of Titus that was seated
    Nikos = straight up demons, ”dominance over the dead & Defeated”
    Like Solomon’s ring put to the nose for demons to snort and tell
    Pigs can’t fly over a cliff, I hope they can swim, they gonna need a snorkel
    The counterfeit Gospel had me going, the satire was indeed clever
    But you can’t make a monkey and a fool of everyone forever
    Beware of the Caesars who hooked us on his imperial food like a junkies
    And transformed our Messiahs like Circe did into fish, seahorses, pigs and Donkeys
    Just look at Peter and Lazarus when they traveled the Triumph of Victory pass
    Vespasian, the “ Wasp-Mule driver” symbolically turned booty into some Assss (Donkey)
    In due time the thesis will reach acceptance in academia
    For the religious fanatics will still be plagued with schizophrenia
    They have been kicked in the head and Butt with Titus’s Hoof
    They went for the greasy pig and we fell for the big Goof
    It took us 2,000 years to get the joke, the pun and the spoof
    All hail to Caesar and Circe for taking advantage of us sleeping and being aloof