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    Mobile AL,
    Verse one//
    Freeze be bustin the first one//
    Remember me rappin at the pep rally wodie the first mount//
    when we beat Blount//
    Brother and other was giving dap//
    Shakey,Ant,Twin,Big Shank, and even my boy Capp//
    my destination now is Graduation//
    Congratulations cause the real world we have to face it//
    Cause if we don't then we gone die//
    We got to move on even though It Hard To Say Good bye//
    and when they play that song, I want to see just who gone cry//
    It better not be Nicole nor Shanavia//
    I wish yall the best the test was hard but thanks for saving a//
    Brother like me even though I've done wrong//
    I wish all of my peeps the best that's why im writing this song//
    This is my remedy//
    putting ice on all my hottest enemies//
    and if yall forget this how I want yall to remember me.