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Jan 1, 2008
emergency medical tec. (EMT-B)
All along I new I had to
didn't want to
felt so sad to
treated me like a Queen
why did I be so mean
ask for forgiveness
many times before
I think I should just walk out the door
can't understand why it was so hard
pray for you
laid with you
how come I couldn't be true to you
didn't want to admit being so bitter
not understanding others gave me the jitters
don't want to hurt you anymore
I think I should just walk out the door
felt like you didn't deserve me
wanted you to do extra to earn me
all of my garbage you would hold on to
don't ask me to stay
I don't wanted to be this way
a King deserves better way
sorry for the pain
hope I didn't leave a stain
I'm not gonna hurt you any more
now I'm walking out the door

I can't understand how this could be
when i whisper words of love to thee
i don't wanna really go
but my twisted action beginning to sho
there no place for me but the door
I know u should have the best
and i put you through the test
now my soul wanna confess
after we played and laid and rest
see i knew this day would come
after the rain then the sun
can't help but think of you
yet i ran around not being true
now i'm really through
nothing left more to do
but walk out the door
i'm sorry for what i done
all the stress and pain without fun
i hope i didn't hurt you too bad
when you was the best i ever had
let me go , don't look back
finding your happiness is where it at

I wanna go but I don't know how
One foot out the door but I made this vow
"I love you" he says...if...you would just do more
I'm looking around thinking he must be keeping score

I wanna go but I don't know how

Should I continue to toil like an indentured slave
Can't eat, can't sleep, dropping pounds like I'm headed for the grave
Death in my thoughts became common practice
Loving you is as a dry as a desert cactus

I wanna go but I don't know how

I gave all my love until I was all loved out
You took all I had and then some no doubt
No one should ever be forced to give til there's nothing left
Stolen right from under my nose like petty theft

I wanna go but I don't know how

No one would believe me
They love him too much to ever see
What would people say
But whats the alternative for death is the ultimate price to pay

I gotta go now...time to say goodbye

The door is open and I can see the light
The closer I get the stronger it shines bright
YES!!! It's calling me and the pain I can no longer feel
I see love on the other side and it seems so real

I gotta go now...time to say goodbye!
Goodbye to everything I thought I knew
Goodbye to days and nights of feeling blue
Goodbye to neglect, pain and emotional dispair
Hello to the answers to my prayers

I gotta go now...time to say goodbye!


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