Black Poetry : ****** by design

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    I was born a human,
    a man in shape and form,
    yet for whatever reason,
    my being draws scorn.
    Am I rude, abrasive, ignorant or smug,
    I guess I'm depressed
    for my graves just been dug.

    It houses my ideals,
    all I found sublime,
    taught the sky was the limit,
    I learned the limit was the sky.
    I am a product of decisions that were never mine,
    I was born African,
    made a ****** by design.

    Can you feel this pain
    there is no remedy,
    this hunger that can't be sedated,
    the will of the degraded,
    pariahs of human society,
    the deplorable status conferred unto we.

    Yet we're told not to worry,
    that's all in the past,
    pointed to the stories of exemplary blacks,
    Winfrey, Johnson and Jordan employed,
    to silence scrutiny of deceitful ploy.

    There are black luminaries,
    symbols of success,
    but our people stay starving,
    their illusions of progress.
    Inhabiting a culture where color is vilified,
    an inescapable prison,
    where the minds unrefined.

    So listen astutely,
    bear witness to rage,
    as my tears mix with blood
    give life to this page,
    for now in this era,
    we take the stage,
    reaching for keys to free us from cage.
    For a giant cannot rest in myopic slumber,
    we must establish a front
    with diasporic brothers.

    Use any means to halt our debasement,
    two wrongs won't make right,
    but it will make a statement.
    A war without casualties is not war,
    many have perished for freedom,
    there will have to be more.
    They will beat, murder and rape us,
    shame us before our neighbors,
    they may even attack our families,
    but those cowards won't break us.

    They exiled Garvey,
    took Mandela's freedom,
    gunned down Martin and Malcolm
    made sure no one could see them.
    A drug deal took Newton,
    after Hoover went PRO,
    Lumumba was toppled, need I say more.

    To ask question is revolutionary as Gramsci once said,
    barring alteration,
    this will never be dead.
    I am wary of the future,
    but I am certain of this,
    we have much more to offer
    than hip-hop and fresh kicks.

    Fear not their prisons, their use of temptation,
    weary throats cry for re-organization,
    we got a Jim Crow education,
    but we can still rebuild nation
    for if history does repeat,
    our destination is the plantation.

    Life's a ***** named monogamy,
    you only get one,
    so where shall we stand when all's said and done.
    When we gaze at successors,
    untempered by hate,
    what will we tell them in their innocent state.

    That we loaded our guns,
    fought back for our portion,
    or wallowed like cowards,
    minds hopeless, distorted.

    We've been backed against wall,
    we can only push back
    long have suffered from indifferent acts.
    Contemplation is over,
    wastes potential and time,
    now is our moment to bathe in sunshine,
    your soul yearns for freedom,
    for autonomy it pines,
    ignore it at your peril,
    stay a ****** by design.
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    Hi eugene, wow I was truly feeling a chill in this piece. You capture you're feeling of so many points from the past, present, hope for the future, you have indeed made a statement.
    Peace and love poet.:grouphug: