Black Poetry : By Blind Fate


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
Can u be of loves design
inside this age of time
where we are pitted in such show
or is it just a one night glow

Is it by blind fate of affection
or some misguided direction
where feeling came to past
from what will never last

Are u here for a ride
or truely willing to glide
upon the day that's yet arrive
or is it by fate that we strive

Blindly so into you
feel so right we could be glue
or are we just in da game
beyond compair or any claim

I felt your heart beat in my soul
caressed the warmth of your mold
tasted da fruits your lips has sold
and see inside your really gold

But blind fate has taken it's told
my love bliss now ready to unfold
upon a rapture time we stroll
in the mist and worry not of being bold

By fate my body burn
with a feverish erotic yearn
i don't wanna be a number or another turn
but da lover someone u can learn

I know by fate i am of respect
and a brother to make u wet
a great King of honor to da kat
but why make me sweat

In your eyes i see a start
of something beautiful in our heart
as i glaze ova your body
i see a meal something hardy

So i stop and blink my eyes
yet u return to my surprise
as play da game so wise
yet my nature continue to rise

I want u more then u know
mentally / physically / spiritrually in glow
i want us to be a two people show
when we go deep & low

By blind fate this how i roll
for now my heart u have stole
is it right , is it wrong
that my love for u is getting strong

Is it time i leave this alone
move back wake up and go on home
singing this unforgettable song
by blind fate it coulda been on !
yeah watz it's so often two go in blindly and with mix emotions
and sometime oue for the ride and a game while the other see deeper
by blind fate .

Most often bluewater we see this in new relationships that's blindly coming
on and what could be beautiful if not for the games or a one night swing time
then we see it end because of feelings and emotions .

Thankz sisters


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