Black Poetry : By Any Means Necessary

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    The flag we honor​

    Is Red, White, and Blue

    The white is for the white citizens
    The red is the blood they spewed
    The blue is just a background
    It could have been any color used
    Blue is a dark color
    So Black they did not choose

    So if the red represents the blood of the founders
    What about the blood of us African descendants
    That spill on the fifty states here

    We are in the background
    That is the plan

    Cause once for over 700 years
    Before the year 1300AD
    We controlled Africa and their land
    That puts it around 600 or 700AD

    When we ruled with innovation
    We ruled all creativity
    Music was our creation
    The lyrics have not and
    Have never been duplicated yet

    The arts
    The science
    The pyramids in fact

    Can never be recreated
    Many try to duplicate it
    Can’t build nothing like it

    So the plan was to break and challenge
    Divide the minds and change the balance

    In the minds of weak among us
    Came the word to the over throw the strong

    The weak were told
    It’s your time to rule
    The others have ruled to long

    So son turned on father
    Uncle turned on son

    So the kings were killed
    The weak couldn’t fit the bill

    So the European's now could take the upper hand

    UNITY was the out cry

    We can never let them come back

    They rule with some fairness
    But the heart in them can be black

    See as Africans we have this kindness about us
    We can also be quick on a dime
    Cut your throat

    Without a second thought
    About the right or the wrong

    For a long time we did do this
    But we were a good people
    We were fair in many ways
    But we could be ruthless on our enemy

    We were fearless
    Walked proud
    Loved hard

    During slavery we had many other things on our back
    Now that we have some breathing room
    We are restless and turn on each other
    For mere measures of the power and wealth
    We once had and ruled
    Look at Africa it is still full of RICHES
    Gold and Diamonds
    Unless we take it back.

    We are doomed

    You see violence swarm all around us
    Climbing to levels

    Brother against brother
    Father against son

    Just crazy violence for no reason
    On each other in fact

    Black on black crime
    But strong is our heart
    Love is deeply embedded in it

    We can love today
    Tomorrow cut off your head

    Then go on our way
    The Moors were the name I speak about
    Our heritage is in the Moors

    They ruled Spain and all of Europe and Africa
    We ruled them so long we were furious and strong

    So they blur our history
    On purpose
    They destroyed it on plan

    They can never let us get back things in hand

    They banished many back to Africa
    Those that stayed in Spain were hung
    Then the European colonies
    Put together a master plan

    We can never

    By Any Means Necessary

    Let them come together again

    So they divided up Africa
    Came a rally cry
    Forever rule
    Forever Fight

    The African and Muslim Man

    The truth is we are them
    We are the one in the same

    A lot of our blood
    We all know and they know
    It flows In the Arab vein

    This is why when Malcolm X said it

    By Any Means Necessary

    They thought he read the plan

    They said did he get the play book
    Who is this African man?:ref:

    He is starting to come to the world court
    He was demanding the United Nations act

    Make the changes today
    That would have put us back in play
    To rule the world again
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    Incredible flow Bro Hodee!
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    You spelled this out Hodee, as plain as day, the reasons why things are as they are today, and the unity we need to reclaim. Powerful piece.
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    what u scribe here is realism and i'm playing in your tune and game to change and take charge