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Jul 29, 2002
Whenever I bring up the black wallstreet to black people they always say that it was born out of necessity not because we were being entrepreneurial.
Wow dude, I've always heard the opposite and I was born and raised in Oklahoma. In fact I have never heard that take but in fact because blacks were entrepreneurial during those days white trash were threatened and enraged with jealousy and went on a massacre burning down what they did not want blacks to have, wealth and business independence. Sick SOB's!

Oklahoma is an interesting state because it was Indian territory. Slaves ran to it marry into a tribe of Indians and could own and work land. As a result Oklahoma had about 30 black towns, founded by blacks, ran by blacks which is why Black Wall Street happened because it was the main cog in a network of black OK towns. Entrepreneurship was alive and well in Oklahoma in those days which is what white people fear the most, educated, independent black people having their own black business culture. They do not want any competition especially from black people.

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