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Discussion in 'Black Money Business Jobs' started by tyab14, Oct 9, 2008.

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    I wanted to get some information on purchasing some land. Any information would be much appreciated.

    In the near future I would like to use some of my money saved to invest in land, it doesn't have to have any house or development, just the land. Have any of you all purchased land before?

    Does anyone know good places to purchase land, as in what areas inside and outside the United States. I have heard from family that Arkansas has very furtile land. That would be perfect for me because I want to grow food and become self sufficient in that area.

    Any information would be much obliged.
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    hi tyab

    I would definatley recommend purchasing land we always have done and it has proven again and again to be profitable. and given the current economic climate I again recommend land purchase over and above a House or Property purchase.

    the plus side to land over property
    are -

    1 Generally requires little if no maintaince ( check out any boundary conditions before purchasing)

    2. Steadily increases in value

    3. rarely any resale difficulties.

    I have'nt heard anything re Arkansas ..but will certainly look into it sounds interesting!